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Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector
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Product #18724
SKU BE11642
Special Order Usually ships in 14 - 21 working days

Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector

Product #18724 | SKU BE11642
Special Order Usually ships in 14 - 21 working days

Product Features
  • LCD Display
  • Submergible 8" Search Coil
  • All Metal/Disc/Notch Detection Modes
  • Three-Tone Audio Discrimination
  • Super Slow Sweep Identification
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Product Details
  • Product: #18724
  • SKU: BE11642
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The WINBEST Pursuit Edition Metal Detector from Barska offers multiple modes of operation, adjustable sensitivity, and a user-friendly LCD display. The display indicates the likely type of metal a detected object is made of, and the notch setting helps you ignore junk and concentrate on more interesting finds.

The Pursuit Edition features an 20.3 cm search coil that is weather sealed and capable of detecting metals even in shallow water. Detection indicators are also audible through the built-in speaker or 1/8" headphone output.

Key Features

LCD Display
Displays probable metal type with directional arrows, target depth, sensitivity level, operating mode, discrimination / notch range, and low battery indication.

Notch Setting
Reject interfering signals from some metals by setting the discrimination and notch settings to your desired metal.

Three-Tone Audio Discrimination
Easily identifies ferrous objects with the assistance of distinct tones for different metals.

Super Slow Sweep Identification
Search coil discriminated between different types of metal

Arm Support / Adjustable Stem
Carry and operate your metal detector with ease and comfort. Adjustable stem ranges from 22 - 30" (56 - 76cm).

Waterproof Search Coil
Detect objects in water by submerging the weather sealed 20.3cm search coil.

Headphone Jack
Connect headphones to the detector's 1/8" headphone jack and adjust the volume with a dial conveniently located on the control box.


Power Supply 2 x 9 V Batteries
Search Coil Diameter 20.3 cm

In The Box

  • Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector
  • Arm rest
  • Search Coil
  • Control Box
  • Adjustable Stem with Cable


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  • Product: Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector
  • Manufacturer: Barska
  • Model: BE11642
  • SKU: BE11642
  • RM Product #: 18724