(0.9 m) Mic Cable for Superior Sound Quality & Ultimate Reliability

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Samson Tourtek 3 foot mic Cable

Tourtek Cables have been designed for musicians and sound engineers who require superior sound quality and demand ultimate reliability. The cables exceed the design goal by combining quality components like genuine Neutrik® connectors and durable low-noise wire with solid build construction.

Tourtek Microphone Cables feature two 24-gauge multi-strand inner conductors wrapped in a braided copper shield with 96% coverage protected by a 6mm PVC outer jacket. The result is a premium cable with low capacitance providing excellent rejection of RFI/EMI interference, extremely low noise and superior sound quality.

These mic cables are available in a variety of lengths to ensure you have the appropriate cable for any application. Available in 3', 10', 20', 30', 50' and 100'.

Product Features

It is made of two 24 gauge multi-strand inner conductors, wrapped in a braided copper shield with 96% coverage, protected by a 6mm PVC outer jacket.

  • 3-Pin XLR male to 3-Pin XLR female
  • 96% coverage copper-braided shield rejects RFI and EMI for a lower noise floor and increased resolution.
  • Original Neutrik connectors.
Samson Tourtek Mic Cable 3'
RM Product #:
Length Meters:
0.91 m
Length Feet:
3 ft
Cable Connector:
XLR (3-Pin) Male
Cable Connector:
XLR (3-Pin) Female