Female XLR Connector

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Switchcraft introduces the AAA Series or Q-G ® Twist XLR connectors. The Q-G ® Twist Series is available in male or female cord plug, 3 through 7 pins or contacts. The unique features are the easy twist on combination handle/strain relief, and the reduced number of parts to assemble. With the insert built into the front shell, and the strain relief pre-loaded into the handle, the end user has only two parts to assemble - slide the handle onto the cable, solder the terminations, and twist on the handle. As the handle is tightened, the strain relief tightens around the outer jacket of the cable. Teeth on the strain relief keep it from rotating around the cable jacket and twisting the cable. The strain relief was designed to accommodate the most popular cable sizes. A rugged die-cast metal handle insures optimum protection, and increases signal shielding. Popular options include black and gold finishes, as well as a lower cost plastic handle version.


  • Only two pieces to assemble.
  • Easy twist on handle reduces assembly time.
  • Rugged die-cast metal handle.
  • Strain relief accommodates wide cable OD ranges.
  • Black finish available.
  • Gold-plated pins/contacts available.
  • Lower cost plastic handle version available.
Switchcraft AAA-3FZ Connector
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XLR (3-Pin) Female