Product Features
  • Attaches to Battery Grip of DSLR
  • Padded Hand Cushion
  • Outside of Cushion Made of Leather
  • Inside Made of Soft, Non-Slip Velvet
  • Buckle Enables Length/Tension Adjustment

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The HGS-3 Hand Grip Strap from Vello is designed for DSLR cameras with attached vertical battery grips. As an alternative to having your camera dangling from a long strap, it lets you keep your camera firmly in your hand--so that when you see a shot, all you have to do is raise the camera to eye level and capture it. The strap itself is constructed from nylon. The padded hand cushion has a durable leather outside and a soft, non-slip velvet inside for long-term comfort and a secure hold--without sacrificing maneuverability. When your fingers get fatigued, you can relieve them without having to put down the camera.

The hand grip strap attaches by threading through your camera's shoulder strap loop and the hand strap mount on the bottom of your grip. It is easy to instal and remove, and its buckle enables adjustment of overall tension and length. Additionally, you can tuck the excess length of the strap into the grip's pockets.

Key Features

  • Compatible with grips (or cameras that come with built-in grip, e.g. Canon 1D series) that include a strap mount on the bottom
  • Provides a firm grip to help prevent accidental dropping of camera or camcorder
  • One end attaches to camera's strap lug and the other to the vertical grip's lug
  • Fully adjustable
Outside: leather
Inside: velvet

Attachment MethodBack buckles to camera's shoulder strap loop and grip's strap mount
Dimensions14 x 6.4 x 1.1 cm
Weight19.9 g
Vello HGS-3 Hand Grip Strap for DSLR Cameras with Vertical Battery Grips
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