Rewritable Blu-ray disc with printable surface in jewel case

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Delkin 'Archive Gold' Blu-ray rewritable disc with printable surface in Jewel case (with hang tab)
This single disc is packaged in Delkins specialized polycarbonate, no contact jewel case for ultimate protection. Plus, our Inkjet surfaced DVD-Rs allow you to add a personalized touch to your disc using your at-home Inkjet printer. Each Archival Gold BD-R disc holds an impressive 25GB of data- about 5 times the largest DVD-R capacity and 33 times the largest CD-R capacity. Allowing you to store more images in a single location, the Delkin BD-R will reach full capacity in only 23 minutes with market-leading 6X speed. This is twice that of standard competitors, offering the same superior accuracy and precision. Another notable advantage of the Archival BD-R is its unique ability to produce up to 2 hours of full high definition playback or 10 hours of standard video. This remarkable feature is made possible by the unique blue-violet laser utilized by all Blu-ray recordable drives that allows data to be packed more tightly into a compact space.

Why Delkin Archival Gold?:
How do Archival Gold BD-R discs differentiate themselves from their standard, less expensive counterparts? The most distinguishing characteristic of standard discs is that they typically have a limited useful life of 1 to 5 years. Exposure to natural elements like UV light, heat, and humidity as well as cheap manufacturing techniques and inferior design will cause quick deterioration to most discs over time. In contrast, a large fraction of the cost to produce a Delkin Archival Gold disc can be attributed to the use of the most advanced Japanese polymer hard coat technology. Our distinctive coating provides incomparable damage protection from scratches, stains, and even fingerprints, offering far more security than similar uncoated media.


  • Customize your disks by printing on the surface with your Inkjet printer
  • Single Archival Gold inkjet surfaced BD-R disc in protective PVC-free jewel case
  • Each disc boasts a 200 year lifespan
  • Japanese polymer hard coat protection from scratches, stains and fingerprints
  • Holds up to 2 hours of HD video or 23 hours of standard video

Quantity: 1
Speed: 6X
Capacity: 25GB
Rated Lifespan: 200 Years

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Delkin Inkjet BD-R Disc
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