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Equipped with three storage modes to suit every needs

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ST2-WBS3 is equipped with three storage modes to suit every needs. The ST2 has three built-in disk configuration modes: RAID 1 (Safe Mode), RAID 0 (Speed Mode), and JBOD (Two Independent Volumes) for you to choose according to your needs.

  • Independent Mode (JBOD)
    Does not require match drive, JBOD is compatible with mix or match drive capacity. Each drive is accessed directly as independent drive volume. JBOD does not increase performance nor redundant capabilities. Each drive can be pulled out and use as individual drive or implemented to any SATA drive module, i.e. Stardom i310, ST5610

  • Speed Mode (RAID 0)
    To maximize data performance and add multiple drive capacity into one big volume. Data is distributed across multiple drives simultaneously to increase the performance . RAID 0 provides the highest RAID performance with no data redundancy nor fault tolerance.

  • Safe Mode (RAID 1)
    To maximize data protection. Data is written identically to both drive (Mirror) simultaneously. In the event of a drive failure, the second drive will take over. RAID 1 provides the highest level of protection in hard drive storage.

Hardware RAID that works seamlessly between Macs and PCs
A software RAID storage system is unable to overcome the problems associated with cross-platform usage. It is only through hardware RAID controller chipsets that users can use these hard drives concurrently in Mac or Windows computers. With the ST2's built-in SATA 6G hardware RAID controller chipset, not only does it promise high transmission speed, it also eliminates the cross-platform usage issues associated with RAID 0 or RAID 1 setups. Also, with hardware RAID, all data is computed and processed by the built-in CPU. With such advantages, your computer performance can be focused on running the software and work, instead of handling the storage device's transmission issues.

Removable design, use multiple hard drives flexibly
ST2-SB3 is designed with removable hard drive trays. The combination of the plug-and-play convenience of external casing with the tray's internal stability advantages offers you easy removal and installation while on the move. Both silver and black removable trays have the same structural design, thus both are compatible with all STARDOM 3.5" hard drive enclosures.

Use a unibody aluminum casing to protect your important data
Designed with sturdy, thick aluminum, the ST2-SB3 can withstand greater impact than the average product with aluminum casing, shielding your hard drive from the impact of various usage conditions. The compact aluminum casing is fitted with a large, low-noise fan to keep your hard drive from failing and eliminate the internal heat of the RAID system.

Built-in power supply
ST2-SB3 is equipped with a high-efficiency internal power supply that complies with safety standards so that users will always have enough power for different hard drive usage conditions.

Provides up to 16TB of large storage capacity for your creations
ST2-SB3 is compatible with all brands of 8TB SATA hard drives. Install two 8TB hard drives under RAID 0 mode and the system will provide 16TB of access. Independent JBOD mode can offer independent storage areas even if the hard drives are of different capacities.


Model No.ST2-WB3
InterfacesUSB 3.0 Port ( up to 5 Gbps )
Two FW800 Ports
Compatible Drives2 x 3.5”/2.5” SATA III HDD/SSD ( up to 6 Gbps )
Support large volume up to 8TB
Storage ModeIndependent ( JBOD )
RAID 0 high-speed
RAID 1 safe-mode
Cooling System6 cm low noise fan
Electrical and Operating RequirementsLine voltage: 100-240V AC
Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
Maximum continuous power: 60W
Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
Storage temperature: -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Size and WeightHeight: 102 mm Width: 122 mm Depth: 205 mm Weight: 2.7 kg
Packing AccessoriesST2-WB3 x 1 (with removable drive tray enclosed x 2)
USB3.0 Cable x 1
FW800 (1394b) Cable x 1
AC Power Cable x 1
Accessory kit
User Manual x 1
Stardom SohoTank ST2-WB3 2 Bay USB3.0 & FireWire 800 Drive Storage System
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