4TB Storage Capacity, 3.5-inch Form Factor, 6 Gb/s Buffer to Host

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Equip your surveillance system with the 4TB Purple NV 3.5" Internal Surveillance Hard Drive from Western Digital . This WD Purple NV Drive is designed to withstand the rigours placed on drives used in network video recorder (NVR) surveillance systems such as increased temperatures and 24/7 operation. WD's own AllFrame technology helps increase write speeds to avoid video degradation and recording interruptions. You also benefit from enhanced protection against elements such as moisture when surveillance systems are used in outdoor environments. Whether installing one or multiple drives, reduced power consumption and IntelliSeek rotational speed technology help to lower operating costs as well as preserve drives.

Key Features


  • Designed specifically for scalable network video recorder (NVR) surveillance systems, WD Purple NV adds support for systems with higher drive bay configurations and up to 64 high-definition cameras. The expanded workload capability of WD Purple NV hard drives permits the handling of increased video streams, and allows scalability beyond the limitations of DVR systems where only WD Purple is applicable.

Increased Capabilities

  • Designed for higher temperatures and always-on surveillance environments, WD Purple NV hard drives expand support for higher hard drive bay configurations, systems utilising up to 64 high-definition cameras, hardware vibration sensors and greater workloads per year when compared to WD Purple hard drives. Included with the increased support, WD Purple NV is also backwards compatible with DVR systems.

Optimised Performance with AllFrame

  • Inherited from WD Purple, WD's exclusive AllFrame technology boosts write performance for WD Purple NV hard drives by working with ATA streaming commands to reduce frame loss and improve streaming playback. AllFrame also reduces video interruptions that commonly occur when desktop hard drives are incorrectly used as storage in security systems, especially in higher video stream count environments where additional data is being captured at an exponential rate. WD Purple NV with AllFrame provides the confidence you should expect when it's time to play back and review critical surveillance footage in larger surveillance configurations.

Enhanced Protection

  • Designed with tarnish resistant components, WD Purple NV hard drives offer premium protection in harsh environments where surveillance systems are commonly installed including outdoor cabinets where moisture and other natural elements may be present. This increased protection adds reliability to the hard drive over time, especially compared to desktop drives.

Support for High Camera Count Systems

  • WD Purple NV hard drives are optimised to support systems utilising high-definition surveillance cameras, giving you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your security system in the future. Higher storage capacities also allow you to store the surveillance footage for a longer period of time, especially in situations when every second counts. The specific number of cameras that can be supported will be dependant on a number of criteria including but not limited to the types and capability of cameras installed (resolution, frames per second, additional features) and the system's hardware and software capability.

Lower Power Consumption

  • Low power consumption is crucial in high-temperature always-on surveillance environments. With exclusive IntelliSeek technology, WD Purple NV hard drives calculate the optimum seek speeds which lowers power consumption, noise and vibration that can damage and cause drives to wear out more quickly, increasing reliability.


Formatted Capacity
Form Factor
Advanced Format (AF)
RoHS Compliant
Data Transfer Rate
Buffer to Host: 6 Gb/s
Host to/from Drive (sustained): 150 MB/s
64 MB
Rotational Speed
Load/Unload Cycles
Non-Recoverable Read Errors per Bits Read
<1 in 10
Average Power Requirements
Read/Write: 4.80 W
Idle: 4.33 W
Standby and Sleep: 0.52 W
Operating: 32 to 149°F / 0 to 65°C
Non-Operating: -40 to 158°F / -40 to 70°C
Operating (2 ms, read/write): 30
Operating (2 ms, read): 65
Non-operating (2 ms): 250
Idle: 25 dBA
Seek (average): 26 dBA
1.028 x 5.787 x 4.000" / 26.1 x 147.0 x 101.6 mm
1.50 lb / 0.68 kg
WD 4TB Purple NV 3.5" Internal Surveillance Hard Drive
Western Digital
RM Product #:
4 TB