Camera shoulder support for DSLR cameras (with 1/4-20 thread)

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The Switronix DSLR-PRO/PB Camera Shoulder Support is a shoulder support system designed for use with DSLR cameras. The unit is intended to stabilize DSLR cameras capable of shooting HD video, such as the Canon 5D and 07D.

The unit is constructed from machined aircraft aluminum for durability. An elevated platform ensures that the DSLR viewfinder is raised to eye level. A short slide channel is included to allow for wide-angle shots without visual interference. Three-axis movement allows for extreme mobility when positioning your shots.

The DSLR-PRO/PB features a standard 1/4"-20 thread on the rear for mounting a Switronix PowerBase 70 series battery pack, in order to supply power and to help counterbalance the rig. In terms of DSLRs, these batteries are designed for the Canon 5D Mk II, 7D, and Rebel T2i.


Camera Shoulder Support:
This unit allows you to manage your DSLR camera with a flexible shoulder brace for support.
Handle Grip:
A handle grip allows for a higher level of precision control over your camera.
Three-Axis Movement:
Three-axis movement allows you to position your camera as needed without limitations in mobility.
Short Slide:
A short slide allows for wide-angle shots without visual interference.
Aircraft aluminum construction ensures durability.

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