Kessler Second Shooter Plus 3-Axis System
Product #41181 | SKU SS2008
Usually Ships in 4 - 6 Weeks
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Kessler Second Shooter Plus 3-Axis System

Product #41181 | SKU SS2008
Usually Ships in 4 - 6 Weeks

Controller, Pan/Tilt Head, Slider Motor and Extra Pulley (Small Size)
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  • Product: #41181
  • SKU: SS2008
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The Best In Motion Control Just Got Better

After an incredibly positive response to Second Shooter from filmmakers around the world, Kessler immediately refocused and forged ahead with their continuous goal of innovating motion control gear that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. The result, is Second Shooter Plus. Second Shooter Plus is a reimagined counterpart to its predecessor and introduces features and upgrades that stem from thousands of hours in-the-field and requests from an enormous group of talented filmmakers looking to dig deeper into their craft. Kessler has always prided itself on listening and engaging their customers to design and manufacture the best products available and with Second Shooter Plus, Kessler believe they have done exactly that.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Integrated Wi-Fi allows Second Shooter Plus to be operated with kOS via iPad, Mac Windows as well as connect to motion control accessories such as the Digital Jog Control.


With Second Shooter Plus SurgeTech feature users can take a normal 12V input into the controller and output at 24V to each motor, dramatically increasing available speed and torque.

Quiet Mode

Quiet Mode is used to limit maximum motor speed, to ensure Second Shooter Plus remains silent in audio sensitive environments, such as weddings and live interviews.

Dedicated Directional Axis Buttons

With dedicated directional axis buttons users can operate multiple axis simultaneously, such as pan and slide, for faster pre-programmed move setups and to operate multiple axis during manual moves.

Two Expansion Ports

Second Shooter Plus has two expansion ports giving users the ability to connect to various external accessories such as the Digital Control Center, while at the same time being able to connect two controllers together in Bridge Mode.

I/O Ports For External Intervalometers and Bulb Ramping

Used to connect external intervalometers and bulb-ramping devices, such as Ramper Pro.

Set-Up Speed Ramp

Time reducing speed ramp allows operators set up moves at an increased rate of speed to maximize time efficiency.

Axis Renaming

To help users organize their controller per shoot and in different configurations, users can rename each axis on the Second Shooter Plus Controller as needed.

Bridge Mode

One of the biggest features continued with Second Shooter Plus from Second Shooter is Bridge Mode. By utilizing one of the available expansion ports, users can link two Second Shooter Plus controllers OR a Second Shooter Plus and first generation Second Shooter controller to have 6-axes available simultaneously. For current Second Shooter owners looking to upgrade to Second Shooter Plus, this is a fantastic way to incorporate their existing unit into a 6-axis advanced motion control rig where FIZ control can be combined with slide, pan and tilt for extraordinary motion control shots.

Build Quality

You will instantly notice the build quality of Second Shooter Plus out of the box. Kessler understand that their users venture into extreme environments and Second Shooter Plus is built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Solid aluminum and quality craftsmanship are trademarks of Second Shooter.

Compact Design

Second Shooter Plus small footprint allows it to fit nicely into existing camera bags and eliminates the need for additional cases. Separate the Pan from the Tilt axis to use independently or for easier travel. Every piece is modular.

kOS Integration

Bringing the power features of CineDrive's kOS software to the smaller form factor of Second Shooter.

Live Looping

From basic slider shots to unmanned, looping shots for an interview - Second Shooter Plus proves its place as an A cam or B cam.


Setting up a complex time-lapse has never been so easy. With basic and advanced features, the intricacy of the move is up to you.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is made simple with Second Shooter Plus. Set up your key frames then simply advance through each position to achieve a flawless end product.

Manual Mode

Manual Mode is perfect for run-and-gun style shooting when precision still matters. It provides an easy interface that allows shooters to grab shots on-the-fly with non pre-programed motion control.

Key Frames

Setup moves easily with two or three keyframes and let Second Shooter Plus do the rest. Need to edit? Tweak each key frame independently without having to redo the entire move.

Magnalink Integration Second Shooter Plus utilizes the advantages of Kessler's Magnalink system, keeping the controller and accessories, such as the MagPak battery system, organized via magnetic connection.


Repeat moves easily and at different lengths of time to achieve basic visual effects shots.

Ramper Pro

Compatible with the popular bulb ramping device, Ramper Pro.

Quiet Moves

The low noise output of Second Shooter ensures that when users need to capture audio, they won't also be capturing motor noise.

Built-In Intervalometer

Never forget your intervalometer again. Second Shooter comes with a built-in intervalometer. Simply connect the camera cable from your camera to the Second Shooter controller.


The Second Shooter Turntable is an excellent feature for users seeking advanced panning shots, such as those used in product showcase videos.

Low Profile

Incredible stability and a low profile are trademarks of Second Shooter, outclassing any imitators.

Speed/Torque Options

Easily switch the motor speed/torque (power) for the Slider motor via the quick-change pulley system. (3 options for CineSlider, Philip Bloom and Stealth) (2 options for Pocket Dolly v2.0, Shuttle Pod Shuttle Pod Mini).

Focus/Iris/Zoom Control

Control CineDrive's focus/iris/zoom motors via Second Shooter Plus.


Ensure a perfect composition with the built-in bullseye level.


Second Shooter Plus built-in flashlight allows you to save space in your pack.


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  • Product: Kessler Second Shooter Plus 3-Axis System
  • Manufacturer: Kessler
  • Model: SS2008
  • SKU: SS2008
  • RM Product #: 41181