Korg GT4 Guitar and Bass Tuner
Product #65559 | SKU KOR-GT4
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Korg GT4 Guitar and Bass Tuner

Product #65559 | SKU KOR-GT4
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Product Features
  • Choose from three different tuning modes: Strobe, Mirror, and Meter.
  • Quinta-flat tuning mode allows dropped tuning between one and five semitones.
  • Supports seven-string guitars and six-string basses.
  • Built-in condenser mic supports acoustic guitars.
  • Designed for low power consumption.
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  • Product: #65559
  • SKU: KOR-GT4
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The Korg GT4 Guitar and Bass Tuner lets you choose one of three ways in which the LEDs will indicate the tuning. The triangular green tuning guides indicate whether the input is sharp or flat, and show when the instrument is tuned perfectly.

Large note name display in the center and red LEDs that rotate in a circular pattern, it is a revolutionary tuner with superb visibility.

Strobe mode - The red LEDs will begin rotating when you play a note on your instrument, and will stop when your instrument is in tune. The LEDs will rotate clockwise if your instrument is sharp or counter-clockwise if your instrument is flat. When the tuning is correct, the two tuning guides will light simultaneously.

Mirror mode - This newly-developed tuning method takes advantage of this unique type of illumination. The bright red LEDs indicate the pitch of your instrument; simply tune your instrument to make the bright red LEDs coincide with the dim red LEDs. The bright red LED will move to the right of center if the input pitch is sharp, or to the left if it is flat.

Standard mode, and also has Quinta-flat tuning mode - Useful for dropped tunings, lets you calibrate the GT-4 from one to five semitones below standard pitch.

The GT-4 is designed for easy operation, with switches located for effortless operation when held in the palm of your hand.

In The Box

  • Korg GT4 Guitar and Bass Tuner.


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  • Product: Korg GT4 Guitar and Bass Tuner
  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • Model: KOR-GT4
  • SKU: KOR-GT4
  • RM Product #: 65559