Product Features
  • 3.2" Fresnel Lens
  • Variable Colour: 3000-6000K
  • High CRI: 96
  • 15-75 Degree Beam Angle
  • iOS and Android Control via iOS App
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The Practilite 602 LED Fresnel from Kinotehnik is a small, lightweight light source with a 3.2" borosilicate Fresnel glass lens capable of an impressive spot-to-flood spec of 15 - 75 degrees for variable field coverage. Flexibility is key to the design of the Practilite. Light intensity is variable from 5 to 100% negating the need of jockeying the fixture back and forth once you'Voe found the perfect position. The same goes for colour. While others are fumbling with filters you can take advantage of the 602's wide colour variability from 3000 to 6000K to match existing light conditions or fixtures or just for creative effects. COB LEDs make possible a high CRI of 96 to ensure faithful rendering of colours down to the subtlest of hues.

The Practilite is designed to work with the Practilite Remote Control app available for iPhones and iPads that lets you control its functions with your iOS or Android device. Additionally, it's Bluetooth compatible, allowing remote control of up to 6 fixtures. Once you're acquainted with the Practilite you'll want to use it everywhere and Kinotehnik makes it easy with the inclusion of a 100-240 VAC power adapter for worldwide use. And no power is no problem. The 602 can also run on V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries with optional adapters. The light comes with 4-way barndoors but it's also compatible with third party 4" studio head light modifiers such as those from Profoto.

Key Features

Smart Sync Connectivity
The advanced Practilite 602 is ideally suited for permanent and semi-permanent installations. The light is especially effective in places like small and home studios or even for high quality gallery lighting. Smart Sync Connectivity enables synchronous control from one Master fixture.

Smartphone Control via Practilite Remote Control App
The Practilite 602 is designed to be controlled wirelessly with the free Practilite Remote Control App for Android and iOS 8.0+ and Android devices, including both the iPhone and iPad. You can connect and control up to 6 Practilite fixtures wirelessly with your smartphone. Adjust brightness, colour temperature and identify connected fixtures for ease of use and convenient operation.

Greater Light Range
This compact and powerful light produces a greater light range than conventional LED fixtures. Its 3.2" (80mm) Fresnel lens has a 15 to 75-degree, spot-to-flood focusable beam angle ensuring wide coverage and pinpoint accuracy.

Variable Colour Temperature
Whether it's CFL, LED, halogen or daylight, the Practilite 602 is just the right tool to adapt to various lighting conditions.

Flicker-Free, Compact and Durable
The Practilite 602 is flicker-free, which allows for perfectly lit slow motion shots. Compact and durable, the light's aircraft grade aluminium CNC-machined construction allows safe, easy and cost effective transportation. The universal power supply is usable internationally.

Other Features

  • Bright OLED screen readout
  • Manual quick draw beam angle control of 15-75 degrees
  • Fresnel lens: 3.2" (80mm), borosilicate glass
  • Tunable colour temperature from 3000 to 6200K
  • Very high CRI ≤96
  • Max current draw 90W and long lamp life
  • 100-240 VAC, 14-28 VDC: can be powered from AC outlet or batteries
  • Attaches to any standard 5/8" (Baby) stud
  • 4-Way barndoors included
  • Compatible with third party 4" studio light modifiers such as Profoto
  • Speedring insert adapters for most manufacturers softboxes are available separately
  • Silent hybrid cooling system
  • Boost Mode for extra power
  • Clean beam output without any visible artefacts due to state of the art COB technology
  • Easily control up to 6 fixtures via Bluetooth connection within 30' range


Spot 15°:

  • @ 1.0m: 930 fc / 10,000 lux with a beam diameter of 34cm
  • @ 2.0m: 233 fc / 2508 lux with a beam diameter of 2.0m
  • @ 3.0m: 103 fc / 1110 lux with a beam diameter of 86cm


  • @ 1.0m: 1,394 fc / 15,000 lux with a beam diameter of 34cm
  • @ 2.0m: 348 fc / 3750 lux with a beam diameter of 2.0m
  • @ 3.0m: 165 fc / 1670 lux with a beam diameter of 86cm

Flood 75°:

  • @ 1.0m: 290 fc / 3100 lux with a beam diameter of 150cm
  • @ 2.0m: 73 fc / 780 lux with a beam diameter of 290cm
  • @ 3.0m: 32 fc / 344 lux with a beam diameter of 430cm


  • @ 1 m: 437 fc / 4700 lux with a beam diameter of 150cm
  • @ 2 m: 110 fc / 1180 lux with a beam diameter of 290cm
  • @ 3 m: 48 fc / 522 lux with a beam diameter of 430cm
Light Fixture
Beam Angle15 to 80°
Colour Temperature3000 to 6000K
Colour Accuracy StandardCRI 96
Cooling SystemFan/Passive Combo
DimmingYes, 5 - 100%
Fixture Dimensions10.0 x 17.0 x 15.0 cm
Fixture Weight1.3 kg
Diameter80 mm
MaterialBorosilicate Glass
Lens TypeFresnel
Fixture Mount5/8" Receiver
Accessory MountNone
Remote Operation
Remote Control TypeBluetooth
Wireless Range9.1 m
AC Input Power100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power14 to 28 VDC
Power SourceAC, External Battery
Max Power Consumption90 W
IP RatingIP20
Kinotehnik Practilite 602 Smart LED Fresnel
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Colour Temperature: