Cool-running dimmable LED light that uses very little power

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The ikan ID500-v2 LED Studio Light with Touch Screen Dimming continues in the tradition of its predecessor, the ID500 by offering the equivalent of 300W of tungsten power at 5,600K in a slim 5.8 lb package. The big difference is that the ID500-v2 does away with old-school knobs in favor of an LCD touch screen with smooth dimming control from 0-100% in 100 steps. For units mounted overhead or in other hard to reach places, the ID500-v2 comes with an RF remote control that regulates power on/off, dimming and power output.

The ID500-v2 has built-in barndoors, a convenient integrated handle and a multi-voltage power supply for world-wide use. Optional adapter plates for V-Mount or Anton Bauer batteries are available.

Key Features

LED Source

  • The LEDs in each panel have the tungsten equivalent of 300W while drawing only 36W. The lamps last many thousands of hours making them virtually maintenance-free

Power Options

  • If you need Anton Bauer or Sony V-Mount power options, ikan has you covered with the PBK-A-X or PBK-S-X professional battery mount system. This simple device mounts directly to back of the ID500-v2 via the included VESA mount receiver slots.

LCD Touch Screen

  • The LCD touch screen panel on the rear makes it simple to dim the lights in increments from 0-100%. No more guessing with old school analog rotary knobs

Included Remote

  • The ID500-v2 comes with an RF remote control giving you command over the light's power and dimming

Integrated Barndoors

  • Integrated barn doors with intensifiers direct the light where you want it


  • Multi-voltage power supply allows world-wide use


Control Panel
LCD touch screen
Operating Voltage
36W Power draw
300W Tungsten equivalent output
With light horizontal, center beam:
2,550 lux, 168 fc @ 3.0 (0.9 m)
584 lux, 54 fc @ 6.0' (1.8 m)
222 lux, 20.6 fc @ 9.0' (2.7 m)
159 lux, 15 fc @ 12" (3.6 m)
Color Temperature
5,560 @ 3.0 (0.9 m)
5,580 @ 6.0' (1.8 m)
5,590 @ 9.0' (2.7 m)
5,560 @ 12.0" (3.6 m)
5/8" (16 mm)
14.0 x 7.0 x 4.0" (35.6 x 18.0 x 10.0 cm)
5.80 lb (2.63 kg)
ikan ID500-v2 LED Studio Light with Touch Screen Dimming
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