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Fluorescent Light with 12 55watt Tubes, Double Line and DMX control

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The Ikan L1200D light fixture
The Ikan "L" Series of Fluorescent Lights feature two columns of 55 watt bulbs. They range from 2 bulbs to a whopping 16 bulbs! The longer "L" series lights are perfect for green screens. The ikan lights stand above from the competition with included bulbs and barndoor intensifiers. Most other companies make you pay extra for those items. They all also feature built-in ballasts and built- in push-button dimmers. All models are also available with DMX control. Those models have a "D" after the part number. DMX control allows you to control up to 512 lights from one control box. All in all the ikan fluorescent lights are the best bang for the buck. Period.


  • Built-in Push-Button Dimmer
  • DMX Model
  • Bulbs Included
  • Barndoor Intensifier Included
  • Low Heat Output
  • Low Power Usage
  • Long Bulb Life
  • Height Adjustable Yoke
  • Durable Light Weight Construction
  • Built-In Filter and Egg Crate Holder
  • 110v AC Power

Wattage: 660w
Tubes: 12-55w
DMX Standard: DMX-512 (This version is DMX)
Dimensions: 21.5" x 43.3" x 4.3" (54.60cm x 110cm x 10.90cm)
Weight: (lbs) 32.6 lb (14.5kg)

Ikan L1200D Light
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