Guide on how to work with sound equipment and acoustics in a church

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Title: Sound of Worship; A Handbook of Acoustics and Sound System Design for the Church
Category: Audio Engineering, Acoustics, Sound systems
Author: Douglas R. Jones
ISBN-13 number: 9780240813394

Binding: Paperback
No. of Pages: 316
Publisher: Focal Press
Publication date: 9/09/10
Dimensions: 7.5"x9.25" (18x23.5cm)

Whether you are designing a new system or need to update and get the most out of the one in place Sound of Worship will offer essential information to guide and inform you choices. Written to give the context to help you focus your choices as well as the technical information to understand options, this essential guide will help you avoid costly mistakes when working with acoustics and the sound systems of the church.
When planning a system this book has you covered! Considering everything from building design and understanding the purpose and use of the sound system to the technical aspects of the acoustic equipment and sound specification and types.
The website has numerous audio examples to illustrate points made and tools used in the book. It demonstrates the terms used and what different choices will sound like, with before and after recordings of acoustic treatment and how it effects the overall sound of the church.


  • Provides most needed information and description of acoustical and other technological issues specific to churches
  • Follows a logical progression from defining the market to solutions for each worship style, avoid costly pit falls
  • Clear writing style and audio samples that enables you to fully understand the technologies described

Chapter 1 Sound of Worship
Chapter 2 The Early Roots of the Church
Chapter 3 The Formative Years of the Church

Section 1: Celebratory Worship
Chapter 4 The Celebratory Worship Style
Chapter 5 The Catholic-Orthadox Split
Chapter 6 Catholic Reform
Chapter 7 The Acoustics of Celebratory Churches

Section 2: Evangelical Worship
Chapter 8 Evangelical Style of Worship
Chapter 9 The Sixteenth Century Reformers
Chapter 10 The Reformation in England
Chapter 11 The Modern Evangelical Church
Chapter 12 Acoustics of the Evangelical Style Church

Section 3: Experiential Worship
Chapter 13 The Experiential Style
Chapter 14 The Pentecostals and the Charismatic
Chapter 15 Acoustics of the Experiential Style Church

Section 4: Community Worship
Chapter 16 The Community Worship Style
Chapter 17 The Anabaptists
Chapter 18 The Acoustics of the Community Church

Section 5: Resources
Chapter 19 Introductionto Resources
Chapter 20 Elements of Church Sound Systems
Chapter 21 Reverberation and Time Response
Chapter 22 Noise and Isolation
Chapter 23 Intelligibility Glossary

Sound of Worship
Focal Press
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