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Antenna Distribution System - UHF Active 656-680 MHz

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The AEW-DA550C (540-565 MHz) and AEW-DA660D (655-680 MHz) areUHF active unity-gain antenna distribution systems that enable a singlepair of antennas to feed multiple wireless system receivers. Identical inall other respects, the AEW-DA550C operates over a nominal 540-565MHz range, while the AEW-DA660D operates over a nominal 655-680MHz range. These units are designed to complement wireless systems operating in the Audio-Technica “C” Band (541.500 - 566.375 MHz) or “D” Band (655.500 -680.375 MHz), as well as other wireless systems operating in the same frequency ranges.

Each antenna distribution system provides two identical “1-in, 4-out” RF sections consisting of an antenna input, four bandpassed isolated receiver outputs and a bandpassed “cascade” directional coupler to supply signal to additional equipment.
All RF connections utilize standard BNC-type connectors.

Both antenna input jacks offer switchable +12V DC output on their center pins to operate Audio-Technica powered antennas, in-line boosters or other powered antenna accessories drawing up to 250 mA total per antenna jack.

Additionally, four jacks providing 12V DC (center positive) are provided on the rear panel of each antenna distribution system to power as many as four wireless receivers perating on 12 volts at up to 500 mA each.
The 12-volt supplies for powering receivers and in-line devices are shortcircuit protected.

Included with the antenna distribution system are four DC cables appropriate for use with ATW-R3100b (or like powered) receivers along with ten RF jumper cables. The antenna distribution system operates from 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz power and features an IEC-type input connector with pass-through to allow for powering of other devices.
Designed to mount in a single rack space, the unit features steel case construction with steel reinforced front panel and rear rack-mount.


  • Active unity-gain, band filtered DA
  • Dual 1-in 4-out RF sections
  • RF cascade output
  • Defeatable 12V DC antenna power
  • Four receiver power jacks (12V DC, 500 mA ea.)
  • IEC power input with pass-through connector
  • Reinforced metal chassis with integral rack ears and rear rack support
  • Front-mount antenna cables and connectors included


  • Nominal frequency range: AEW-DA550C: 540-565 MHz

AEW-DA660D: 655-680 MHz

  • Nominal amplifier gain: 0 dB, ±3 dB
  • Nominal cascade gain: –3 dB, ±3 dB
  • Input impedance: 50 ohms
  • Output impedance: 50 ohms
  • In-line antenna power: +12V DC on RF input jacks, 250 mA maximum per jack
  • External receiver power:

12V DC, center positive, 500 mA maximum per jack (4 total)

  • Power input: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, auto-adjusting, 500W maximum. (Includes AC passthrough load.)
  • Dimensions:

480.0 mm (19.00") W x 48.8 mm (1.92") H
x 280.0 mm (11.00") D

  • Weight:

2.7 kg (5.9 lbs)

  • Accessories included:

320-type 120V power cordset; IEC 320- type AC pass-through cable; 10 BNC-to- BNC 1.5' RF interconnect cables; frontmount antenna cables and connectors; 4 ATW-RDCN DC power nterconnect cables; 4 plastic feet with screws

Audio Technica System AEWDA660D
Audio Technica
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