3-in-1 Product, 16 Microphone Inputs, Digital Mixer with Onboard DSP
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The Stage-B16 from MOTU is a 16-input stage box and audio interface with DSP, mixing, Wi-Fi control, and studio-quality analogue performance. The stage box section with AVB Ethernet "digital snake" connectivity allows for running sixteen microphone signals to front of house, or anywhere in the network over standard Ethernet cabling. For small- to mid-sized applications, the Stage-B16 takes care of all live sound mixing duties, controlled wirelessly from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The universally compatible USB audio interface function for Mac and Windows features sixteen studio-grade microphone inputs, with ultra-clean preamps, suitable for use in both a studio or on stage. The individual preamps deliver 117 dB dynamic range and each input is equipped with 63 dB of preamp gain, individual 48V phantom power, and a -20dB pad. Digitally controlled analogue preamp gain provides accurate adjustments in 1 dB increments from web app software running on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, with the ability to save gain settings.

The DSP-equipped 48-input, 12-bus digital mixer with wireless control is identical to the mixer found in the company's 1248 and 16A interfaces. Modelled analogue AEQ and compression with 32-bit float precision delivers classic EQs based on British analogue mixing consoles with each input channel providing a classic compressor with peak/RMS operation. Groups and the main mix bus are equipped with MOTU's Leveller, an accurate model of the legendary Teletronix LA-2A optical levelling amplifier, known for its highly sought-after Automatic Gain Control (AGC) characteristics.

The Stage-B16 connects to a computer with audio class compliant hi-speed USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 3.0 and iOS) for across-the-board compatibility. Alternately, with a Mac running OS X Yosemite (10.10) or later, a standard Ethernet cable can be used for operation as an audio interface. A Quick Setup menu allows for instantly reconfiguring the unit for many common situations, from operation as a standard audio interface to serving as a network "snake" from one location to another. Once a preset is chosen, the routing grid and mixer settings can be easily customised to suit specific needs, and then saved as custom presets.

Key Features

  • DSP-equipped stage box with AVB Ethernet "digital snake" connectivity, 12-bus digital mixer with wireless control, and universally compatible audio interface for Mac and Windows
  • Analogue performance up to 192 kHz with the XLR analogue outputs delivering 123 dB of dynamic range
  • Sixteen microphone inputs, each with individual preamps, 48V phantom power, and -20 dB pad
  • Eight XLR analogue outputs, four channels of AES/EBU output and 1/4" headphone output
  • Digitally controlled analogue preamp gain provides accurate adjustments in 1 dB increments from web app software running on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, with the ability to save gain settings
  • Flexible 48-input digital mixer modelled after large format mixing consoles, with twelve stereo busses and DSP effects, including reverb, 4-band AEQ, gate, and compression
  • Control on-board DSP, mixing, device settings, and network audio routing from web app software running in a preferred browser on a laptop, tablet or smartphone connected by wire or Wi-Fi to a local area network
  • Stand-alone operation with wireless control
  • Connect an Apple Airport or other Wi-Fi router with a standard Ethernet cable for wireless control of device settings, 48-channel mixing and DSP effects from a smartphone or tablet, without a computer
  • Mixing and effects DSP engine delivers virtually unlimited headroom using 32-bit floating point processing
  • Modelled vintage effects include classic reverb, compression modelled after the legendary LA-2A and AEQ modelled after British analogue console EQs
  • Add a second MOTU AVB interface (1248, 8M, 16A, 24Ai, 24Ao, 112D or Monitor 8) using a simple CAT-5e Ethernet cable
  • Connect up to five MOTU interfaces using a MOTU AVB Switch ( sold separately )
  • AVB audio networking allows for building a network with multiple interfaces and computers using standard AVB switches and network cabling, with ultra-low network latency, even over long cable runs (100 metres point to point)
  • Stream hundreds of audio channels among devices and computers on the network
  • Connects to a computer with standard AVB Ethernet or audio class compliant hi-speed USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 3.0 and iOS)
  • Compatible with all audio software
  • Includes AudioDesk workstation software for Mac and Windows with 24-bit recording, sample-accurate editing and 32-bit mixing and mastering


Sample Rates44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
Analogue Inputs16 x XLR Microphone
Analogue Outputs8 x XLR Line
1 x 1/4" TRS Headphone
Digital Outputs2 x XLR AES/EBU (4 channels)
Other Connectors1 x Ethernet "EtherCon" port (female)
1 x USB 2.0 audio class compliant, USB 3.0 and iOS compatible
1 x AVB Ethernet (requires OS X Yosemite)
PreampsGain: 0 to +63 dB (digitally controlled) in 1 dB steps
Dynamic Range: 117 dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -110 dB (-1 dBFS, unweighted, 1kHz)
Maximum Input Level: +24 dBu (with pad)
Line OutputsTrim Range: 24 dB (-4 to +20 dB) in 1 dB steps
Dynamic Range: 123 dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -110 dB (unweighted)
Maximum Output Level: +20 dBu (digitally adjustable -4 to +20 dB)
Headphone OutputTrim Range: 128 dB, in 1 dB steps
Dynamic Range: 112 dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -94 dB (unweighted)
Maximum Output Level: 80 mW
MIDI1 x 5-pin DIN MIDI In
1 x 5-pin DIN MIDI Out
Channels of I/O16 In and 12 Out (28 total) @ 1x sample rates
16 In and 12 Out (28 total) @ 2x sample rates
16 In and 8 Out (24 total) @ 4x sample rates

USB 2.0 (44.1 to 48 kHz): 64 In/Out
USB 2.0 (88.2 to 96 kHz): 32 In/Out
USB 2.0 (176.4 to 192 kHz): 24 In/Out
AVB Ethernet: 16 to 128 In/Out, depending on host computer speed
Phantom Power+48V, individually switchable
Pad-20 dB, individually switchable
Display16 x Activity LEDs - 16 input, 8 output, 2 AES
Power Requirements100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz for international auto switching power supply
0.5 A maximum
System RequirementsMac
1 GHz Intel processor or faster
OS X 10.8 or later
2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
Available high-speed USB 2.0 or AVB Ethernet port (AVB Ethernet audio interface operation requires OS X Yosemite)
Minimum 500 GB hard drive for recording

1 GHz Pentium processor or faster
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
Available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port
Available Ethernet port for firmware updates
Minimum 500 GB hard drive for recording

Web App Support
Any web client platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Any web browser: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Explorer, etc.
Web client must be connected to the same network as the MOTU AVB interface by wire or Wi-Fi
MOTU Stage-B16 - 16-Channel Stage Box and Audio Interface
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XLR (3-Pin) Female
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XLR (3-Pin) Male