Surround360/Stereo/Mono Clear and Comprehensive Meter

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Waves Dorrough Meter - Surround360/Stereo/Mono NAT
Displaying Average & Peak Levels, Surround, Mono & St, 3 Style View

Over the past decade, Waves has been at the forefront of the digital audio revolution, modeling console components, vintage amplifiers, and rare outboard compressors and equalizers.

When it comes to meters, you want readability. You want musicality. And most of all, you want accuracy.
Waves brings you precision models of the world’s finest hardware meters.

Clear and comprehensive, Dorrough Meters are renowned for their unique ability to paint a detailed picture of true loudness. That’s why Dorroughs are used in more advanced production facilities than any other.

The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection —Surround Edition includes the Waves Dorrough stereo meters with all their advanced display features and functions, plus customized meters engineered especially for Surround production environments.
Developed in association with Dorrough Electronics, Waves Dorrough Meters display both average and peak levels and in a single readout, making them the only meters which actually let you see the density of your sound.

Displaying both average and peak levels and in a single readout, Waves Dorrough Meters are the only meters which actually let you see the density of the sound.


  • Superfast Peak Response
  • Displays Number of Overs
  • Switch Between Display Sizes and Styles with the Click of a Mouse
  • 5.0 and 5.1 Components
  • 3 Modes: DTS, ITU/SMPTE, Film/Dolby Digital
  • Simultaneous Sum/Diff and Phase Correlation Readouts


  • Meter Style Vertical, Horizontal, Arc
  • Meter Size S, L, XL
  • Reference Level 20dB AES, 18dB EBU, 14dB
  • Peak Auto, Hold, Reset
  • Overs Display, Reset
  • Meter Mode Phase, Sum/Diff, Surround
  • Phase Error LED
  • Overs Error LED
  • Meter Order controls the layout of the meters.
  • Film (Default)
  • 5.0: L, C, R, Ls, Rs
  • 5.1: L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE
  • ITU
  • 5.0: L, R, C, Ls, Rs
  • 5.1: L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs
  • DTS
  • 5.0: L, R, Ls, Rs, C
  • 5.1: L, R, Ls, Rs, C, LFE
  • Sum & Diff / Phase Page allows the selection of channel pairs to be displayed on two sets of Sum & Diff / Phase Meters.
  • Collapse (- / +) hides the control section, leaving the meters displayed.
Waves Dorrough Meter - Surround360StereoMono Native
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