Bass Frequency Extention Technology

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Bass Frequency Extention Technology that Provides Percieved Bass Frequency Response Below the Low Frequesncy Cut Off in an Audio System.

Better Sound for Clubs, Pubs, Discos, Churches, Restaurants and More

Whether you do sound installation for smaller spaces or you’re a DJ who wants to rock the house, whether you’re a restaurant owner who wants to create the perfect sonic environment or an audio engineer for a house of worship, the MaxxBass 107 is for you. Using the patented psycho-acoustic technology heard on countless hit records and major motion pictures, the 107 extends perceived bass frequency response by up to 1½ octaves.

More Bass, More Control
MaxxBass 107 features intuitive controls, so you can dial up the sound you’re looking for quickly and efficiently

  • Input trim knob
  • Left/right Input Signal LEDs
  • Bypass button
  • Intensity knob controls MaxxBass output
  • Frequency knob lets you select the MaxxBass crossover point
  • Lock button disables the front panel controls

Save Your Speakers, Save Your Power

MaxxBass 107 prevents your speakers from trying to produce frequencies they can’t handle. With the 107, you hear the bass bigger and better than ever, but your system does a lot less work.

Typical speakers may have a low frequency cutoff of 100 Hz. Better speakers may go down to 60 Hz. Yet even these can’t reproduce certain sounds accurately. Kick drums, bass guitars, and pianos all have fundamental tones lower than 60 Hz. Most speakers simply can’t reproduce those frequencies. It wastes the energy from lower tones, turning them into heat.

MaxxBass transforms low tone energy into higher frequency harmonics that the speakers can handle. The result is a richer, deeper bass sound, without excessive power consumption.

Waves MaxxBass Pro 107
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