Bomb Factory (TDM + RTAS + AS)

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Avid BF Slightly Rude Compressor
Bomb Factory (TDM + RTAS + AS)

The Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor, and all 4.0 and higher plug-ins have new iLok authorizations that are different from legacy Bomb Factory products. If you own legacy versions of Bomb Factory plug-ins and wish to obtain new iLok licenses, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer toll-free at 1-800-222-4700 for help upgrading to Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor and all other 4.0 and higher plug-ins.

Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor at a Glance:

  • Analog-style compressor in a convenient plug-in
  • "Rudeness" controls add true harmonic grit to your mix
  • Supports multiple Pro Tools formats
  • Incredibly easy to use

What do you do with a "Rudeness" knob? With Digidesign's Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor, you can use it to add more than just analog "warmth;" you can achieve true aggression and grit.

From "warm" to "gritty"
The Slightly Rude Compressor was Bomb Factory's first completely custom compressor design. It can sound beautiful on vocals, drums, guitars, and piano adding just a touch of harmonic distortion to warm up the sound. However, once you push the Slightly Rude Compressor hard, its raw, ragged and aggressive sides come through.

Unique controls for a unique sound
The simple front-panel controls on the Slightly Rude Compressor start out with normal compressor-style parameters - Input Amount, Release Time and Make-up Gain. But instead of a Threshold control, there's that "Rudeness" knob - and to make the effect even more pronounced, you can switch between "Slightly Rude" and "Super Rude" levels.

The stereo version of the Slightly Rude Compressor will help you rid your digital mixes of characteristic harshness. Strap it across your mix bus for amazing results! Your final mixes will have a lot more character and impact, and less "digital sound."

Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor Features:

  • Quality Bomb Factory design
  • Incredibly versatile compressor
  • Ideal for processing stereo master tracks
  • Front-panel knobs and switches are easy to use
  • Multiple Pro Tools plug-in format support

Pro Tools support for Mac and Windows
The Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor supports Mac OS X and Windows XP in the
following formats:

  • TDM HD|Accel
  • TDM HD
  • RTAS
  • AudioSuite

whatever Pro Tools system you use, the Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor is ready for you!
Just plug it in and twist some knobs!
And like most Bomb Factory classics, the Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor is incredibly easy to use. Grab a knob, give it a twist, and everything just sounds great. Every time. Use it anywhere you need some analog sound: on individual tracks, critical vocals, or for across a stereo mix for mastering applications.

Avid BF Slightly Rude Compressor
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