Tuning Correction Plug-in for Vocals and Monophonic Sound Sources

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Waves Tune is a software audio processor which allows for correction and manipulation
of pitch in vocals and monophonic instruments. When Tune is inserted into a track of
your audio sequencer or editor , it detects the signal’s pitch and corrects to the nearest
“clean” (in-tune) note. You can perform straightforward pitch clean-ups of a track,
meticulous, nuanced touch-ups or complete manipulation of the melody, depending your
settings choices. Tune delivers excellent results in any form of music, even non-Western.
Vocalists, producers and engineers facing complicated pitch-correction problems will
benefit from the extraordinary quality and flexibility which Waves Tune offers.
Tune operates in perfect sync with the host timeline. It even takes charge of transport
functions and region playback in host applications using ReWire technology by
Propellerhead Software.

Waves Tune offers natural sounding results while maintaining tight pitch correction by using
formant corrected pitch shifting, combined with smoothing of note transitions as well as
detection and editing of natural vibrato. Now, pitch shift with a synthetic sounding
quantized effect is a choice rather than artifact.

using the graphical and parametric correction tools. The controls are laid out in a way
that makes the workflow clear, intuitive and efficient.

Please note

  • Tune must scan the audio before any correction will take place.
  • Tune will display the intended correction during the scan but the sound correction

will be bypassed until the scan is complete.

  • When using ProTools, a Waves ReWire plug-in must be inserted in order to work

in sync with the host transport and timeline.

Waves Tune
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