Rycote - Connbox 1
Product #9770
SKU 016901
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Rycote - Connbox 1

Product #9770 | SKU 016901
Usually ships in 2 - 3 days

A hard-wired XLR tail suitable for mono microphones with 3-pin XLR.

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The Rycote - Connbox 1 has been designed to isolate and greatly reduce handling and cable-borne noise to the microphone. An effective and ready-to-use solution to connection problems, the Connbox will enable professional sound recorders to achieve clean, high quality audio recordings.

Acting as a transition connector and anchor point for the microphone tail, the lengths of cable are set to work perfectly with the microphone fitted in the windshield, without touching the internal surface of the basket. The soft cable then greatly reduces the transmission path of cable-borne noise, thus further reducing cable rumble.

The Connbox is made of the highest quality components, using Gold 3-pin Neutrik X-series XLR connectors, and an ultra soft Mogami star-quad cable.

  • TA-3 Input Connector - The ConnBox 1 features a TA3-male input connector. An XLR female to TA3-male microphone cable is included. TA3 connectors eliminate handling noise due to bulky standard XLR connectors, while allowing the unit to remain unobtrusive.
  • Standard XLR Output - A hardwired XLR output cable connects to standard XLR female inputs. The ConnBox will pass phantom power to condenser microphones whenever necessary.
  • Mounts To Rycote Suspension Mount - The ConnBox mounts directly onto the Rycote Suspension Mount, relieving cable tension that can cause noise or damage.


  • Isolates and minimises handling and cable-borne noise
  • Greatly improves audio quality of recordings
  • A ready-to-use solution to connection problems


  • Mic tail connector 3 Pole Female XLR
  • Mic tail ConnBox connector Hardwired
  • Mic tail length 90mm
  • Mic tail band colour code Plain
  • Output tail connector 3 Pole Male XLR
  • Output tail ConnBox connector Hardwired
  • Output tail length 400mm
  • Weight 65g


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Rycote - Connbox 1
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