Cardioid Microphone with CK 61-ULS cardioid capsule

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Cardioid Microphone

The ULS, Ultra Linear Series, offers four reference class small condenser microphones. The series is intended primarily for studio and broadcast applications in which state-of-the-art performance is mandated. With the available cardioid, hyper-cardioid, omnidirectional, and highly directional shotgun capsules, the Ultra Linear Series offer an incredible flexible solution for speech, vocal, instrumental and ambient recordings.

Thanks to the ultra linear preamp the capsules have a vastly improved noise floor, permitting self noise performance in the range of 9 to 11dB-A. Maximum sound pressure levels in the range of 144dB can be attained with no greater than 0.5% distortion, giving the capsules a new level of overall performance. The ULS series microphones misses out on coloration, distortion and noise and offer just pure sound.

Key Features

  • Ultra low noise for unbelievable equivalent noise levels of 9 to 11dB-A only
  • Four different capsules available provides the right solution for every application
  • 1/2-inch true condenser technology with ULS design offers ruler-flat frequency responses
  • Transformer-less preamp provides extremely low distortion and highest reliability
  • Self-cleaning contact with huge contact area ensures reliable operation and extremely long life

CK 61-ULS cardioid capsule

The broadband, ruler-flat frequency response and consistent polar pattern of the CK 61-ULS make it ideal for critical recording and live sound applications where consistent suppression of off-axis sound is an important requirement. Includes foam windscreen.

Kit Includes

  • SA60 Stand Adapter
  • W32 Windscreen
  • Hard Shell Road Case
AKG ULS Series High End Modular Microphone
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