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The Samson Q4 CL handheld microphone provides a rugged, reliable solution at a cost effective price point. The Q4 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern for use in general sound reinforcement such as public address and performances. The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimises off-axis noise and unwanted audio that can cause feedback. A convenient On/Off switch is also featured. The rugged, durable construction is designed to withstand the rigours of daily abuse. The Q4 is at home as a work horse microphone in small bars, restaurants, schools, portable public address systems and more.

Key Features

Cardioid Polar Pattern

  • The cardioid pattern is effective in minimising noise and off-axis audio that can cause feedback.

Neodymium Element

  • The neodymium element provides high output gain and low noise floor.

On/Off Switch

  • The On/Off switch provides added flexibility and control.

Dynamic Transducer

  • The dynamic capsule provides high sound pressure level response. The result is minimal distortion when capturing signals with high transients and peaks.
Samson Q4 CL - Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Switch
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