Belt Pack Form Factor, 3.5mm Locking Connector For Lavalier

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The Juicedlink Little Darling Distributed Audio Recorder is a belt-pack sized device designed to be worn by the talent and features a 3.5mm locking connector so you can record directly to the device from a lavalier microphone.

The recorder is powered by a single AA battery, records to a micro SD card, and features recessed buttons so the person wearing it doesn't accidentally stop the recording. For levels, it features Automatic Gain Control (AGC), manual level control via push buttons, and a limiter mode.

From one lavalier microphone it will record two channels, a primary and a secondary audio bracketing channel that is 16 dB lower than the primary channel. If the primary channel clips, you can pull from the secondary channel in post.

The system is intended for situations where using wireless systems is inconvenient, overly conspicuous, or unwieldy because of the need for multiple systems. However, it also includes a locking 3.5mm through connector so the buffered stereo direct through signal can be routed to a wireless beltpack transmitter.

Given that many workflows already involve syncing multiple audio ISO tracks to video in post with programmes such as Red Giant's Plural Eyes or FCPX , the Little DARling helps streamline and miniaturise the recording process.


Channels1x primary mono audio channel
1x -16 dB secondary audio bracketed channel
Connectors1x 3.5mm locking connector for lavalier microphone
1x 3.5mm locking connector for through to wireless transmitter
FormatMicroSD card
Power1x AA battery
juicedLink Little Darling Distributed Audio Recorder
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