542 - 560 MHZ (D Band), True Diversity UHF Wireless System

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The Concert 88 Fitness System with Headset Microphone from Samson includes the CR88 diversity UHF receiver, the CB88 beltpack transmitter and the HS5 Headset Microphone. It is designed for fitness instructors, dancers and others in need of a high-mobility wireless miking solution.

The CR88 receiver features a true diversity system which is designed to help prevent signal dropouts during performance by automatically choosing to use the antenna that is receiving the strongest signal. If a signal dropout does occur, or if the transmitter is turned off, the CR88 uses its tone key and auto mute features to prevent itself from receiving extraneous signal transmissions that would otherwise result in unwanted noise.

The CR88 also provides a select button on its front panel that when depressed will auto-sync the receiver to the CB88 beltpack transmitter via infrared signal. The transmitter, which operates for up to eight hours on two AA batteries, is designed to deliver high-quality sound reproduction up to 300 feet from the receiver. The HS5 headset microphone, which connects to the CB88 transmitter, is designed to maximise freedom of movement for the speaker or singer without sacrificing sound quality.

Key Features

  • Receiver features 7-segment channel LED, volume knob, power button, two tuned antennas, as well as audio and ready indicators, for optimal functionality and monitoring
  • Receiver can be mounted in a half-rack space, rack mount kit included
  • Up to 16 systems can be operated simultaneously across two frequency bands
Samson Concert 88 Fitness System with Headset Microphone (D Band)
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