400 PCM Drum Sounds, 60 DSP Algorithms, 200 Customizable User Programs

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The Wavedrum Global Edition from Korg combines PCM drum sounds, DSP driven synthesis and multiple pickup sensors to form a percussion synthesiser designed for flexibility and expressiveness.

The Wavedrum Global Edition has been updated over previous Wavedrum versions as it boasts greater pickup precision for improved dynamic range of low and high pitches, as well as an enhanced response to soft playing. Designed to capture the subtleties of your drumming, the Wavedrum is equipped with a pressure sensor as well as multiple pickups that are capable of capturing your strikes on both the head and the rim. These features allow the Wavedrum to not only detect strikes, but also rubs and scratches as well as slap shots and mutes. It is also capable of producing tonal differences dependant on what you strike the Wavedrum with, whether it be with your hand, a drumstick, a mallet or a brush. The Wavedrum Global Edition also adds an input sensitivity parameter that can be adjusted to match your personal range of dynamics. This can be helpful for customising the Wavedrum to match your style of play whether you're a beginner that's just learning, or a heavy-hitting professional.

In addition to the sensory based features that lend to playability, the Wavedrum Global Edition is loaded with 60 DSP algorithms and 400 PCM drum samples that are included to give you a broad palette of tweakable options and sounds. The DSP algorithms allow you to use various methods of synthesis to create your own sounds or alter existing ones. Some of the synthesis types that you can use include analogue, additive, non-linear and physical modelling. The PCM library contains 200 sounds that can be assigned to the Wavedrum's head, and 200 that can be assigned to the rim. In addition to standard drum kit sounds such as kicks and snares, the library also includes percussion sounds such as djembe and conga, as well as ethnic instruments such as marimba and the African talking drum. Furthermore, the library includes a section of stringed instrument sounds such as the sitar, as well as a host of sound effects and dance oriented electronic sounds. Also, the PCM sounds can be combined with the different DSP synthesis methods to create new sounds and variations.

Key Features

  • 200 preset programmes cover a range of sounds from standard percussion to ethnic instruments
  • 200 user programmes for storing your own customised sounds and settings
  • Live mode stores up to 4 favourite programmes per each of the 3 banks for a total of 12 settings that can be instantly recalled
  • 140 loop phrases of various genres to practice with or play on top of
  • AUX input allows you to mix an external audio source such as an MP3 player with Wavedrum's output. This can be used for jamming along to backing tracks
  • Compact, lightweight and portable. Designed to easily fit into a multitude of live applications from percussion to keyboard setups


60 Total Algorithms (26 Single-size +34 Double-size)
400 Total PCM (200 Head + 200 Rim)
400 Total (200 Preset + 200 User)
Loops and Fills
Reverb, Delay
Volume knob, Write button, Button 1-4, Bank/Mode button, VALUE knob
Audio Outputs
2x 1/4" monaural phone (MAIN OUT)
1x 1/8" stereo mini phone (HEADPHONE OUT)
Audio Inputs
1x 1/8" stereo mini jack (AUX IN)
3-character 7-segment LED
Sampling Frequency
48 kHz
Bit Depth
24 bit
Power Supply
DC9V, 1.7A
13.54 x 13.74 x 2.95" (344 x 349 x 75 mm)
4.41 lb (2.0 kg)
Korg Wavedrum Global Edition Drum Synth
WD-X Global
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