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158 Amps & Effects for Guitar & Bass, Integrated LED Tuner & Metronome

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The black Pandoura Stomp Multi-Effect Processor and Tuner from Korg features 158 amp models and effects based on Korg's REMS modelling technology for guitar and bass, as well as an integrated auto-tuner with LED metre. Up to 7 effects can be used simultaneously, and the Pandoura Stomp ships with 200 preset programmes and includes 200 user-editable programmes for storing your own effects chains.

Designed for use both as a performance and practice tool, the Pandoura Stomp has a built-in metronome and 100 rhythm patterns for practicing. The 1/8" auxiliary input allows you connect your MP3 player so you can jam along with your own music collection. Its aux pitch function lets you adjust the pitch of the auxiliary channel up or down one whole octave.

You can edit your presets directly on the Pandoura Stomp, or you can download the free software sound editor/library from Korg's website. You can store favourite presets to the pedal's 4 programme memory buttons for fast recall.

Key Features

158 Types of Amps/Effects

  • A full range of effects powered by Korg's proprietary "REMS" modelling technology designed to reproduce analogue-like characteristics like the overdrive that is typical of vacuum tubes and the sense of air that's created by a speaker cabinet. The 158 effect types range from the standards to the unusual; they include vintage amp modelling as well as familiar effects such as chorus. There's even an intelligent pitch shifter that adds harmony that's appropriate for your scale, an acoustic simulator and a guitar synth

200 Preset Programmes

  • There are 160 preset programmes for guitar and 40 for bass. These include numerous song preset programmes that reproduce the sounds of famous guitarists playing classic songs. Turn the value dial to select the sound that you want and you're ready to start playing

200 User Programmes

  • Although the Pandoura Stomp contains 158 types of modelling effects, editing these effects is designed to be as simple as selecting them. Modelling effects can be edited just by turning the value dial. The parameter structure lets you concentrate on the crucial aspects of the sound; for example, the delay effect lets you adjust the mix and delay time independently. Programmes you create can be given a name and saved as one of the 200 user programmes. You can also assign any four of the 400 programmes (preset and user programmes) to the programme memory buttons as "favourites" for instant recall

Die-Cast Body with Multi-Function Foot Switch

  • Although there's just one stomp-type switch, it can function in a variety of ways. You can use it as an on/off (bypass) switch for the current effect settings, just like on a conventional single-stompbox effect. You can also choose other modes, where the switch will cycle through the four programme memories that you'Voe registered as favourites, or cycle through ten consecutive programmes, allowing you to keep both of your hands on your instrument and switch between multiple effects programmes using just your foot


Total: 158 types
Used Simultaneously: 7
User: 200
Preset: 200
Audio Input
1x 1/4" (6.3 mm) guitar/bass input
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) auxiliary mini stereo jack input
Audio Output
1x 1/4" (6.3 mm) line output
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) headphone mini stereo jack output
Detection Range: 27.5 to 2,093 Hz (A0 - C7)
Calibration: A = 438 to 445 Hz
Rhythm Patterns
BPM: 40 to 240
Dynamics Effect & Pickup Modelling :
Comp, Dynaexc, Vox Wah, Wahup1, Wahup2, Wahdwn1, Wahdwn2, Slowatk, Octave, Ring, Ringup, Ringdwn, Ac Sim, Hum>Sgl, Sgl>Hum, Hf Tone, Phasout, Comp2, Limiter, B Od, B Dist, B Fuzz, Preamp1, Preamp2, Balance, Lowcut, Fretles

Amp Modelling :
Btq Cln, Btq Od, Twd1x12, Twd4x10, Blk2x12, Ac15, Ac30, Ac30tb, Ukblues, Uk '70s, Uk '80s, Uk Mdn, Us Hi-G, Us Mdn, Fuzz, Valve, Valve2, Classic, Scooped, La Stud, Goldpnl, Jazz, Studio, Ac100, Ukmajor, Synth

Cabinet Modelling :
1X8TWD, 2X10BLK, 4X10TWD, 1X12TWD, 1X12VOX, 2X12BLK, 2X12VOX, 4X12VOX, 4X12CLS, 4X12MDN, 4X12VIN, LA 4X10, MDN4X10, MTL4X10, CLS8X10, UK 4X12, STU1X15, JAZ1X15, AC 2X15, US 2X15, UK 4X15, LA 1X18, Combi

Modulation & Filter Effect Modelling :
Chorus1, Chorus2, Flanger1, Flanger2, Flanger3, Flanger4, Phaser1, Phaser2, Phaser3, U-Vibe1, U-Vibe2, Trem1, Trem2, Trem3, At Pan1, At Pan2, Rotary1, Rotary2, Rotary3, Pitch1, Pitch2, Pitch3, Maj3up, Maj3dwn, Min3up, Min3dwn, Perf4th, Perf5th, Maj6th, Feedbk1, Feedbk2, Feedbk3, Feedbk4, Filter, Filtup1, Filtup2, Filtdn1, Filtdn2, Talk1, Talk2, Talk3, Talk4, Random1, Random2, Random3, Random4

Delay Modelling :
Slap1, Slap2, Slap3, Slap4, Slap5, Delay1, Delay2, Delay3, Delay4, Delay5, Ppdly1, Ppdly2, Ppdly3, Ppdly4, Ppdly5, Echo1, Echo2, Echo3, Echo4, Echo5, Multi1, Multi2, Multi3, Multi4, Multi5

Reverb Modelling :
Dryair, Wetair, Room1, Room2, Plate1, Plate2, Hall1, Hall2, Spring1, Spring2

Noise Reduction
Master, Purplehaze, Photograph, Misirlou, Wild Thing, Wonderwall, Heartbreak, Ziggy Star, Fire, Crash, Trooper, Without, Runnin', 7nation, Aenima, Message, Ecblues, Secretp, Shook Me, Guerilla, Startme, Cathedral, Wish You, Pride Joy, Still Of, Soulsister, Jessica, Jessica2, Chasing, Where I, Myxoma, Nthebox, Purplerain, Purplesolo, Learnin, Radio Free, Sultans, Sweet Home, Sboogie, Walk, Lifesbn, Gravity, Use Some, Blackdog, Mtn Song, A Feelin, I Wanna, Diddley, Aint Talk, What I Got, Day Trip, 8 Miles, In The End, Breathe, Pinball, Bayou, Paranoid, Hysteria, Everlong, Amwoman, Exception, Barracuda, Kool Thing, Stairway, Symphony, Hallelujah, Walk This, Wanted, Redemption, Sunshine, Wonderful, Jungle, Johnnyb, As You Are, Small Thng, 21 Guns In, 21 Guns, Uprising, Breakin Lw, Oye Como, Alive, Peace Frog, Spirit, Animal, Creep, Cant Get, Prsnlty, Crazytrain, Lotta Love, Outshined, Mysterious, Bridge, Sandman, Rusty Cage, Feel Fine, Layla, Grove, La Grange, Cherub, Scuttle, Money, Real Me, Lemon, N I B, Simple, 1nation, Hi Ground, White Room, 46 And 2, Jerry, Taxman, Yyz, Ytse Jam, Mr Big, Beast
Power Supply
1x 9 V battery (6LR61)
USB bus power
Optional AC adapter (sold separately)
Battery Life
5 hours (approximate), 9 V
Dimensions (W x D x H)
2.76 x 4.84 x 1.89" (70 x 123 x 48 mm), including protrusions
1.13 lb (511 g), including batteries
Korg Pandora Stomp Multi-Effect Processor and Tuner (Black)
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