16x Velocity and Pressure Sensitive Pads, 16x Rotary Encoders, USB I/O

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The Arturia Beatstep Controller & Sequencer is a USB class compliant driverless controller that enables control over DAWs, loop triggering software, drum software, VST instruments, VST effects, DJ applications, MIDI instruments, and analogue equipment with a CV/GATE input. The unit features sixteen pressure and velocity sensitive pads, sixteen rotary encoders, transport and preset controls with sixteen presets, and a jogwheel for transpose, rate, and level.

When placed in controller mode, the pads illuminate red via backlit LEDS. In this mode, a performer can use the pads and rotary encoder knobs to control drum software on an iPad (with camera connector kit) or a computer such as BFD, Kontakt, Ableton Live's Drum Rack, EZ Drummer, Addictive Drums, Reason Kong, or Geist. The controller can also be used to trigger clips or tracks in production and DJ software such as Ableton Live, Traktor, and Serato. The rotary encoders can be MIDI mapped to control filters, EQs, delays and other effects. The included MIDI Control Centre software provides a user interface for MIDI mapping the functions of the controller with the option of archiving favourite presets. The pads can be set for note generation, MIDI CC buttons, and sending programme change messages for a wide range of applications.

When placed in sequencer mode, the pads illuminate red via backlit LEDs. In this mode, the unit can be connected to MIDI modules, CV/GATE synthesisers, and software instrument plug-ins within a computer via USB. The pads and encoders enable programming steps in the sequence and changing the pitch of each step. The unit includes scale modes to quantise the pitch of the encoders to specific pitches within a given scale. Up to sixteen sequences can be stored in internal memory. The unit can be rapidly switched between controller and sequencer mode for flexible workflows using both hardware and software instruments.

For I/O, the unit includes a class compliant USB input for connection to a computer or iPad, a MIDI breakout cable for connection to traditional MIDI modules, a 1 volt per octave control voltage (CV) output, and a 1 volt per octave GATE output for connection to hardware synthesisers and other equipment. The unit is powered by USB connection to a computer or USB power adapter.


16x backlit velocity and pressure sensitive pads
16x assignable encoders with 3 modes
Windows 7 and Windows 8
Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
16x user definable presets
50 to 75%
PC Requirements
PC/Windows: 2 GHz CPU (multiple core required)
2 GB free hard disk space

Mac (Intel Only): 2 GHz CPU (multiple core required)
2 GB free hard disk space
Arturia Beatstep Controller & Sequencer
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