Teenage Engineering OP-Z Dream Machine

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Teenage Engineering OP-Z Dream Machine

Product #56304 | SKU OP-Z
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Portable 16-track sequencer with built-in synthesis and sampling, plus sequencing for MIDI, CV/Trig, image/3D graphics and DMX lighting
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The Teenage Engineering OP-Z Dream Machine is a hot rodded version of the legendary OP-1 portable synth, now with more DSP and much smaller footprint for your stage or studio setup. It is completely standalone providing a 16-track sequencer, built-in synth and a top notch sampler. It is fully compatible with MIDI, CV/Trig, Image/3D and DMX lighting.

Each of the 16 tracks within the sequencer can be modified to be completely unique, allowing the customization of individual track speed and length. To take that one step further, Teenage Engineering now includes a feature called Step Components. This second layer on the sequencer helps take the sound to a whole new level, allowing you to add variation per cycle, note variation, micro sequencing, direction, parameter changes, re-trigs and more, all individually per step in the sequence.

Another powerful new feature is the Catch Up function, which forces a track to exit the current sequence at a certain step in order to stay in sync with everything else, very useful feature if you have detailed layering in a single step on the sequencer. From the 14 components spread across the three main function groups (triggers, note variations and specials) and 10 unique programmable values within those groups, there are 140 ways to modify and customize a single step within your sequence.

With the live user in mind, the OP-Z provides back-lit, multi-color LEDs and special glow in the dark paint (which is a "world’s first" on a pro synth) to make it easy to perform in a low light club environment or compose in the comfort of your bed.

Although the OP-Z can be used as a standalone synth, it features integrated BYOS ("Bring Your Own Screen") functionality for those more comfortable working "in the box". Simply download the OP-Z app and pair the Dream Machine to your phone or tablet for full on graphic control of each parameter. This will also connect other phone features such as dropbox or your internal camera to sync photos or video to your live sequences without any extra cabling.

To be a top notch VJ, custom content is a necessity. Teenage Engineering teamed up with Keijiro Takahashi and Unity Tokyo Studio to integrate OP-Z with the unity game engine, which now delivers 3D graphics that fun full speed in real-time on iPhone or iPad. This allows the user to customize every single polygon in the visual performance then use the OP-Z to sync those moving images with custom sequences.

Key Features:

  • 160 user-programmable patterns
  • Endless patterns chaining
  • Upgradeable modular effects architecture: delay, reverb, filters, tremolo
  • 14 multi-program step components for advanced step sequencing
  • When paired or connected to an iOS device, the iOS device will act as a screen for OP-Z
  • OP-Z iOS app will be free to download from app store
  • Compatible with any iOS device that is Apple metal graphics specified
  • Dual domain synthesis for extreme low latency performance
  • 6 axis motion sensor (g-force) assignable to any synthesizer parameter
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • Battery: 2 years stand-by time
  • USB Type C and 3.5 mm 4-pole jack connector
  • 2 octaves of musical keys
  • 51 mechanical keys in total
  • Pressure sensitive pitch bend
  • 4 x multi purpose color coded high resolution encoders
  • Volume knob / on switch
  • Pairing button
  • 53 LED indicators
  • Integrated MEMS microphone
  • Ultra rigid engineering plastic housing


  • Step component composing
  • Endless sequencing steps
  • Track independent length
  • Track independent speed
  • Parameter locks
  • Step recording
  • Live recording
  • MIDI, CV and trig track sequencing
  • Image and 3D graphics sequencing
  • DMX light sequencing


16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Percussion
  • Sampler
  • Bass
  • Lead
  • Arpeggio
  • Chords
  • FX slot 1
  • FX slot 2
  • tape
  • Mixer
  • MIDI
  • CV & rig
  • Light
  • Motion


Input / Output
Line In/Out 3.5 mm 4-pole jack
Microphone Integrated MEMS microphone
Controls / Indicators
Sensors 6 x axis motion sensor (g-force) assignable to any synthesizer parameter
Control Input Tactile input
2 octaves of musical keys
51 mechanical keys in total
Pressure-sensitive pitch bend
4 x multipurpose, color-coded, high-resolution encoders
Volume knob / on switch
Pairing button
Indicator LEDs LED Indicators: 53
Type Teenage Engineering-designed floating ball bearing, hall-sensor encoders for minimal stacking height and wear
Battery Life Standby: 2 years
Charging Via USB port
Hardware Analog Devices Blackfin 70X DSP
Cirrus Logic audio coprocessor
1250 MMACS
48 kHz/24-bit DAC
115 dB Dynamic Range
Material of Construction Ultra-rigid engineering plastic
Housing IXEF 1022 PARA + 50% glassfiber
Dimensions (L x H x D) 212.5 x 57.5 x 10.0 mm
Length for Volume Knob: 5.0 mm

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  • Teenage Engineering OP-Z Dream Machine


5.0 (based on 1 rating)
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  • Product: Teenage Engineering OP-Z Dream Machine
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