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Recreation of Original in Module Kit, Flexible Patching System

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The MS-20M Kit +SQ 1 Monophonic Synthesiser Module Kit with SQ-1 CV Sequencer from Korg is a kit for self-assembling a desktop/tabletop version of a real MS-20 synthesiser according to the directions given in the owner's manual. Assembly does not require knowledge of soldering or electronic circuitry, since most of the steps consist of simply tightening screws or fitting parts together.

The kit is a desktop style version of the unit with full sized 1/4" phone plugs.

A development team led by the original engineers strove to painstakingly replicate the MS-20, both in sound and form. The sound comes from an architecture featuring two oscillators (one with ring modulation) and envelope generators with hold and delay. The VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) maintains the basic design of the original.

The original MS-20 used different VCF circuits depending on the date of production, with earlier units featuring a filter noted for its distinctive distortion and self-oscillation, while the filters used in later units had a low-noise design with a mellower character. The kit includes both filters allowing you to switch between the two by moving a jumper on the circuit board.

The External Signal Processor (ESP) allows for using the pitch or volume of an external audio source to control the synthesiser. You can input an electric guitar and use the MS-20 kit as a guitar synthesiser, or connect a microphone for use as a vocal synthesiser. A flexible patching system is provided that allows for creating different modulation routing, and by following the front panel printed flow chart, even beginners can take advantage of these patching possibilities right away.

The synthesiser features a MIDI In jack for receiving note messages, and a USB-MIDI connector that can transmit and receive note messages (there is no velocity information). Connecting the unit to a computer allows it to be triggered from a sequencer.

The included SQ-1 is a 2-channel 8-step sequencer that is well suited for controlling the MS-20 via Hz/V control standards. Powered by either AA batteries or a USB connection the sequencer offers two CV/GATE out channels as well as MIDI OUT, USB MIDI, littleBits out (to connect to the littleBits synth kit by littleBits Electronics Inc), plus the SYNC IN/OUT channel that allows you to connect to Korg's Volca and Monotribe series of products.

Key Features

  • Desktop version MS-20 module that you can easily assemble yourself
  • Both the early and late versions of the filter are provided
  • Overseen by the engineers of the original MS-20
  • Complete replication of the original analogue circuitry including 2 x VCO, 2 x VCA, 2 x VCF, 2 x EG, 1 x LFO structure
  • External signal processor (ESP)
  • Extremely flexible patching system
  • MIDI In and USB connector
  • Powered by an AC adapter


Synthesis Method
Voltage controlled analogue
Control Section
Voltage Controlled Oscillator 1 (VCO 1)
Scale: 32, 16, 8, 4' (6 octaves, +cent, -cent)
Waveform: Triangle, Sawtooth, PW-Square, White Noise, (x 4 modes)
Pulse Width Adjust: 1:1 to 1:Infinity

Voltage Controlled Oscillator 2 (VCO 2)
Scale: 16, 8, 4, 2' (6 octaves, +cent, -cent)
Waveform: Sawtooth, Square, Pulse, Ring Modulator, (x 4 modes)
Pitch: +/-1 Octave

VCO Master Control
Master Tune: +/- 100 cents
Portamento: Maximum 10 s
Frequency Modulation Intensity by MG/T.EXT: -5V to +5V
Frequency Modulation Intensity by EG1/EXT: -5V to 0V

VCO Mixer
VCO 1 Level
VCO 2 Level

Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter (VCF HPF)
Cutoff Frequency: 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Peak: Flat to self OSC
Cutoff Frequency Modulation Intensity by MG/T.EXT: -5V to +5V
Cutoff Frequency Modulation Intensity by EG2/EXT: -5V to +5V

Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF LPF)
Cutoff Frequency: 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Peak: Flat to self OSC
Cutoff Frequency Modulation Intensity by MG/T.EXT: -5V to +5V
Cutoff Frequency Modulation Intensity by EG2/EXT: -5V to +5V

Envelope Generator 1
Delay Time: 10 s
Attack Time: 10 s
Release Time: 10 s

Envelope Generator 2
Hold Time: 20 s
Attack Time: 10 s
Decay Time: 10 s
Sustain Time: 10 s
Release Time: 10 s

Modulation Generator (LFO)
Waveform: Positive Sawtooth - Triangle - Negative Sawtooth, Wide Pulse - Square - Narrow Pulse
Frequency: 0.1 Hz to 20 Hz

Manual Controller
Control Wheel (centre click)
Momentary Switch --> Ground

Power switch and Volume

Keyboard Trigger LED
Modulation Generator Rate LED
Power On LED
External Signal Processor
Control Section
Input Signal Level
Low Cut Frequency: 50 Hz to 2.5 kHz
High Cut Frequency: 100 Hz to 5 kHz
CV Adjust
Threshold Level

Input and Output
Signal In
Amplifier Out
Band Pass Filter Out
CV Out: 0 to +8.4V
ENV Out: 0 to +5V
Trig Out: +5V --> Ground

Peak Indicator LED
Trigger Indicator LED
1 x 1/4" TS Signal Output (2Vp-p, output impedance 3.5kΩ)
1 x 1/4" TS External Signal Input
1 x 1/4" TRS Headphone (33Ω 48mW)
12V DC
1 x 5-pin DIN MIDI In*
1 x USB Type B**
Power Requirements
12V DC via includedexternal power supply
9W consumption
Dimensions (WxDxH)
23.11 x 8.47 x 4.09" (587 x 215 x 104 mm)
8.82 lb (4.0 kg)
Sequencer Modes
Parallel Turn
Parallel Order
CV/Duty Random

Step Modes
Gate On/Off
Active Step
Step Jump
Quarter notes
Eighth notes
Sixteenth notes
CV In/Out Controls
Out Pitch: Linear, Minor, Major, Chromatic
Out Voltage: 1 V, 2 V, 5 V (Oct), 8 V (HZ/V)
Output Polarity: +(positive polarity), -(negative polarity)
In/Out Polarity: +(rise), -(fall)
LittleBits out jack (mini monoaural phone jack)
OUT (MIDI OUT) jack (mini stereo phone jack)
CV-A OUT-Gate jack (mini monaural phone jack, CV OUT: Output level 1 V, 2 V, 5 V, 8 (Hz/V), GATE OUT: output level 10 V)
CV-B OUT-GATE jack (mini monaural phone jack, CV OUT: Output Level 1 V, 2 V, 5 V, 8 (Hz/V), GATE OUT: Output level 10 V
IN-SYNC-OUT jack (mini monaural phone jack, SYNC IN: Max input level 20 V, SYNC OUT: Output level 5 V)
USB jack (type B, USB MIDI)
Power Supply
2x AA batteries (alkaline recommended) or USB power
Battery Life
Approximately 5 hours (when using alkaline batteries)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
7.60 x 3.31 x 2.48" (9.30 x 8.40 x 6.30 cm)
1.41 lb (641.00 g)
Korg MS-20M Kit +SQ 1 Monophonic Synthesizer Module Kit with SQ-1 CV Sequencer
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