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31-band EQ for live or studio applications.

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Samson S-curve 231 Graphic Equalizer

The S curve 231 is a professional quality signal processor that gives you precise tonal control over a stereo, or two mono audio signals. Center detented sliders with LED illumination allow you to selectively cut or boost selected frequency areas by as much as 24 dB. Front panel controls include output level sliders, a variable Lowcut filter, as well as Cut Only, Range and Bypass switches. The rear panel provides electronically balanced inputs and outputs on 1/4-inch and XLR connectors. Thanks to low noise circuitry, the S curve 231 can be used in a wide variety of applications, including live performance (in conjunction with either Front Of House or monitor mixers), in broadcast environments, or for recording.

  • The S curve 231 is a two channel equalizer and each channel provides 31 bands of equalization, with each frequency band representing 1/3 of an octave in the 20 Hz to 20 kHz range.
  • Constant Q circuitry ensures that the bandwidth of the selected frequency area stays the same even when approaching maximum boost or attenuation. As a result, phase shifting and intermodulation distortion is greatly reduced, making for pristine sound.
  • The S curve 231 can be set for either 6 or 12 dB of gain and attenuation for each of the frequency bands.
  • For monitor applications, the S curve 231 can be set for CUT ONLY mode providing up to 12dB of attenuation with full slider range.
  • Ultra-low noise circuity ensures superb audio fidelity.
  • Variable Low Cut Filter for removing rumble and floor noise can be adjusted from 15 to 200 Hz.
  • Electronically balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs.
  • Front panel, hard-wired, relay controlled Bypass switches (with dedicated Bypass LEDs) allow the equalization circuitry and output level control to be activated or deactivated.
  • Main Level control enables output signal to be attenuated or boosted for optimum signal-to-noise ratio.
  • LED faders and 8 segment LED bar VU meters.
  • Relay power-on circuitry prevents speaker “thumps” when the unit is turned on.
  • Internal power supply ensures reliability and trouble-free operation.
  • Standard 19", 2 rack-space design for easy integration into any traveling or fixed installation audio system.
  • Optional security cover kit prevents EQ settings from accidentally being altered.
  • All-steel chassis makes the S curve 231 eminently road-worthy.
Samson S - Curve 231 Graphic Equalizer
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