A Powerful and Very Compact Low Frequency Loudspeaker

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The Genelec 5050A active subwoofer is a powerful and very compact low frequency loudspeaker specially designed for small high quality home theaters. The 5050A is the ideal partner to the 6020A loudspeaker system, supplying a powerful and wide bandwidth 3-channel bass-managed subwoofer solution for both stereo and surround sound applications.

The 5050A is equipped with one active magnetically shielded 8" driver mounted on the front of a compact cabinet, and two 8" passive radiators, one on each side of the cabinet. A 70 Watt power amplifier is integrated into the subwoofer which has a frequency response from 25 Hz - 120 Hz (± 3 dB). The 5050A also has the ability to deliver short-term sine wave output of 100 dB sound pressure level with extremely low distortion levels, much like all other Genelec active subwoofers.

In addition, XLR and RCA line level input connectors (with input sensitivity) provide easy connection to all types of decoders and a "Link Out" connector allows coupling two or more subwoofers together when higher sound pressure levels are required. The amplifier unit features an "Autostart" function for automatic switching between "Standby" and "On" modes, as well as Bass roll-off and crossover phase controls which can be adjusted to suit different acoustic environments.

Genelec 5050A Active Subwoofer System
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