Nodal Ninja F6002 NN6 with Nadir Adaptor

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  • For Panoramic Photography
  • Rotary Base 10 Interval Settings
  • 5 to 90° Intervals per 360° Turn
  • Tactile and Audible Clicks per Interval
  • Arca-Type Horizontal and Vertical Rails
  • Vertical Rail with Tilting Stage


The Nodal Ninja F6002 NN6 with Nadir Adaptor is partially assembled and can be ready for use by fastening the vertical rail assembly to the horizontal rail using the Arca-type Nadir adapter. The camera mounting plate then faces sideways, so it can hold a camera and lens above and perpendicular to the horizontal rail that is connected to the Advanced Rotator D10 rotary base. After the Nodal Ninja 6 is attached to a tripod or other support system using the rotary base's 3/8"-16 accessory threads, a camera and lens can be secured to the camera mounting plate, which features its own locking knob with a 1/4"-20 mount.

The camera mounting plate's locking knob can be loosened, allowing it as well as an attached camera and lens to be moved along the length of the tilting stage. Similarly, the locking knob for the NN6 QR Nadir Adapter can be loosened, allowing the entire vertical rail assembly to slide along the length of the horizontal rail. Together, these movements enable precise positioning of a camera lens's entrance pupil above the rotary axis of the Advanced Rotator D10, which incrementally turns the camera during the process of capturing a panorama's overlapping component images. By aligning the entrance pupil of the lens and the rotary axis within a panoramic photo system, the relative positions of foreground and background objects that appear among sequential images for a panorama remain consistent. Those sequential images can then be joined by seamlessly overlapping those repeating foreground and background objects, allowing lines and elements that extend throughout the finished panorama to appear unbroken and true to life.

When moving the camera mounting plate along the vertical rail assembly, the plate can be precisely positioned using the 0 to 16cm rulers that are engraved along both sides of the tilting stage to maintain visibility. Similarly, an engraved 2 to 17cm ruler on the top surface of the horizontal rail allows the position of the vertical rail assembly to be recorded relative to the Advanced Rotator D10. Specific camera and lens configurations with an entrance pupil correctly located above Advanced Rotator D10's rotary axis can then be quickly and reliably repeated.

At the side of the vertical rail assembly opposite the tilting stage and its camera mounting plate is a locking knob that can be loosened, allowing the tilting stage to be rotated 360° along increments that are engraved for every 2.5°. A camera and lens connected to the camera mounting plate can then be tilted backwards and forwards, enabling multi-row or spherical panoramas that dramatically increase the amount of potential area or detail which can be captured.

Each component included with the Nodal Ninja 6 with Nadir Adapter is constructed using aluminium alloy for durability, while remaining lightweight. The horizontal rail has a built-in bubble level, and screw-in stops are included for both the horizontal rail as well as the vertical rail's tilting stage.


Material of Construction Aluminium alloy
Load Capacity 7.7 lb / 3.5 kg
Dimensions 7.9 x 10.5" / 20.0 x 26.6 cm
Weight 2.02 lb / 920.0 g


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  • Product: Nodal Ninja F6002 NN6 with Nadir Adaptor
  • Manufacturer: Nodal Ninja
  • Model: F6002
  • SKU: F6002
  • RM Product #: 42658

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