Roll-up camera bag designed to protect your GoPros and Equipment
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Conventional camera bags have voids of space for large equipment and are designed to protect delicate units. Since GoPro has defied both size and fragility, a new means of organizing and carrying is also in order.

GoPro has revolutionized how we capture our experiences and has opened up a new level of portability and durability. Like all cameras though, there is always equipment. Though smaller, there are several pieces associated with mounting, sealing, positioning, powering and interface of the GoPro cameras.

The SandMarc Armour Bag protects and stows away all of your GoPro gear, in a small form factor. You don't need to fill up the Armour bag to get the full benefit of the product. Even if you only have 1 GoPro, the RollPro III is just as effective; or even more so. It can actually roll up smaller and leaves room for creative use of the other pockets. For example, a head strap fits perfectly, or a bag of adhesive mounts, or even a spare skeleton or waterproof camera housing.


  • Fits upto three GoPro Cameras - Hero 2,3 or Hero 3+
  • Made from high-tech industrial grade canvas, authentic velcro, and high quality elastics
  • Portable and easier to carry roll up design
  • Dimensions: 23" x 9.5"
SandMarc GoPro Armour Bag
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