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This camera sees only Green Light, which is commonly used with an Infrared Light and Red Light camera for assessing plant health (ENDVI).

Camera captures a photo every 3 seconds. For best results, we recommend a survey overlap of at least 85% front-lap and 70% side-lap and a maximum 5f/s (1.5m/s) speed for every 65ft (20m) of altitude (AGL).

MAPIR provides simple imaging solutions for customers who need a compact yet powerful tool at an affordable price. While these cameras are most often used for aerial survey mapping, they can also be used in many other industries. Whether you need to assess agricultural health (NDVI, ENDVI), resource distribution (seeds, water, fertiliser), or mapping a construction site, we are confident there is a version that fits your needs.

Turn the MAPIR camera ON and press the shutter button. It's that easy. Custom firmware tweaked to the best settings for surveying automatically captures beautiful 12MP photos every 3 seconds. Buy only the spectral band(s) you want to capture and reduce your vehicle payload.

While the MAPIR should fit in all GoPro Hero® gimbals and frames, we also offer our own ever-expanding line of mounts to secure the cameras to your vehicle. Our main focus is on isolated static suspension mounts compatible with the 3DR SOLO, and we can custom design one for your vehicle.

Did you know that using our USB FPV cable allows you to take the battery out and reduce the MAPIR camera's weight by 11g? This allows you to power the camera off your vehicle's power source for continuous operation. Want to protect your lens with a lens protector? We also carry those among many other important accessories to help maximise your MAPIR setup.

Product Specifications:

Image Resolution12 MegaPixel (4,032 x 3,024 px)
Lens Optics60° HFOV (31mm), f/2.8 Aperture, -0.85% Extreme Low Distortion (Non-Fisheye) Glass Lens
Ground Sample Distance (GSD)6.83 cm/px at 120 m (~400 ft) AGL
Capture Speed1 Picture Every 3 Seconds (24 bit JPG)
BatteryRemovable Li-ion (900mAh) [Not Required When USB Powered], ˜2,500 Photos Per Charge
Weight47g (1.7 oz) [Without Battery], 64g (2.3 oz) [With Battery]
Dimensions59.2 x 41.0 x 29.8mm (Length x Height x Depth)
Memory StorageMicro SD (Up To 32GB Card) [32GB Card ˜ 8,400 Pictures (Fine)]
White BalanceAuto* / Daylight / Cloudy / Tungsten / Fluorescent
ISOAuto* / 100 / 200 / 400
Exposure+2.0 / +1.67 / +1.33 / +1.0 / +0.67 / +0.33 / +0.0* / -0.33 / -0.67 / -1.0 / -1.33 / -1.67 / -2.0
QualityFine* / Normal / Economy
SharpnessStrong* / Normal / Soft
LCD1.5” Color LCD Screen
Video OutHD 1080p (HDMI Micro), SD 480p (Optional USB FPV Cable)
PowerUSB (Micro-A Cable Included, Optional Micro USB FPV Cable)
OSD LanguageEnglish*, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean
OSD DisplayON* / OFF
WifiWireless Mobile Android & iOS Control Viewing Application
Date StampON / OFF*
SoundON* / OFF
Auto Power OffON / OFF*
ScreensaverON / OFF*
Vertical RotateON / OFF*
Included AccessoriesUSB Charge Cable, USB Wall Charger, Waterproof Case + Mounts, Cleaning Cloth, Manual
MAPIR Camera - Green Light
Peau Productions
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