For Select Remington Shotguns, White LED Emitter, 500 Lumens

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Replace the forend on your Remington 870 with the Surefire 618LMG-A Forend LED Flashlight for added functionality. The light features 500 lumens of output, and has momentary and constant-on modes. The right side features a long momentary-on tape switch and system disable toggle switch, while the left side features a constant-on toggle switch. The disable switch helps to prevent accidental activation during transport, storage, or when strict light discipline is needed.

The forend is made from an impact-resistant Nitrolon polymer and has a textured grip for secure handling. The light is made from machined aluminium with a matte black Type III MIL-STD anodised finish. SureFire's Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens produces a pre-focused beam that has a tight centre cone of bright light, with a dimmer ring on the periphery to help maintain situational awareness. O-rings and gaskets seal the light from water and dust. The two 123A batteries provide up to 1.75 hours of runtime.

Key Features


Remington 870 shotgun

Light Performance
  • White LED emitter
  • 500 lumens
  • Pre-focused Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens produces tight beam with bright centre and dimmer periphery ring
  • Type: Pressure and toggle
  • Momentary and Constant-On modes
  • Right side features a long momentary-on tape switch and system disable toggle switch
  • Left side features a constant-on toggle switch
  • Disable selector switch protects against accidental activation
Construction Details

Flashlight* Machined aluminium body * Type III MIL-STD Anodised Finish * Tempered glass and coated window * O-ring and gasket-sealed against water and dirt Grip * Impact-resistant Nitrolon polymer * Textured for secure handling


Illumination SourceWhite LED
Output500 lumens
Battery2 x 123A
Runtime1.75 h
WaterproofingO-ring and gasket-sealed
ConstructionLight: Aluminium
Forend grip: Nitrolon polymer
Length10.3" / 26.2 cm
Bezel Diameter1.125" / 2.85 cm
Weight17.2 oz / 487.6 g with batteries
SureFire 618LMG-A Forend LED Flashlight
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