Achieve a Remarkable Film Look with your Existing Video Camera

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Redrock Micro M3 Indie Bundle - Lens Mount Not Included
Achieve a Remarkable Film Look with your Existing Video Camera

The Redrock Micro M3 Indie Bundle brings together the basic components you need to achieve a cinematic look with an SD or HD videocamera and your choice of 35mm lens. Central to the bundle is the M3 Cinema Adapter, which attaches to the front of any videocamera and lets you shoot through any 35mm glass, provided you have the proper step ring for your camera and a lens mount.

Also included with this package are a pair of 18 in (46 cm) long 15mm steel iris rods, a power supply/charger, and an M3 Adjustable Base Plate (adjustable both horizontally and vertically), which accepts the rods and ships with 3/8" and 1/4" 20 camera screws.

Note! Lens mount and camera adapter ring are sold separately.

M3 Improvements

The M3 Cinema Lens Adapter offers several improvements over Redrock's previous generation 35mm lens adapter.

  • Oversized optics that yield an image with a light loss of approximately 1/4 stop, for nearly transparent operation
  • High-RPM spinning ground glass element enables the operator to stop the lens down to f/16 or more without showing grain
  • Power system with locking lemo-style connectors, auxiliary power ports, and power status indicators
  • Uni-body housing, precision machined aluminum with a hard anodized finish, rubberized weather-resistant port covers, cleaning port, and fully gasketed for silent operation
  • Tool-less setup and operation, including adjustable baseplate with thumbscrews, breach lock camera connector, and integrated flip optics

DSLR Companion Videocameras still do many things better than their DSLR counterparts – chief among them audio, codec strength, and the lack of rolling-shutter artifacts. For multi-camera shoots, the M3 makes your videocamera a perfect companion to a DSLR, lending it the same depth-of-field performance for which DSLRs are prized. Moreover, the unique Live Lens active lens mount (not included) creates the opportunity for the M3-mounted camera to share a set of lenses with a DSLR with an EF mount.

Redrock "Film Look"

The Redrock Cinema Lens Adapter "look" has become a highly sought-after aesthetic. The M3 continues the tradition of delivering amazing footage, while raising the bar for better underlying technology. The M3 unlocks for videocameras the ability to capture razor-sharp "filmic" imagery while maintaining beautiful bokeh.

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Redrock Micro M3 Indie Bundle
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