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V-Mount Battery Pack for RED ONE

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The Switronix XP-L95RED V-Mount Battery Pack is a durable, high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack designed expressly to power the RED ONE. Communicating directly with the camera, the battery uses its 4-stage LED power gauge to deliver the exact percentage of remaining capacity. At the same time, internal protection circuits ensure safe operation by monitoring temperature, over- and under-charge, and cell balance.

Key Features:

Safe for Travel:
At under 96Wh/8g equivalent Li content, this is the highest capacity Li-Ion battery pack that can be legally transported without restrictions under IATA, ICAO, and UN regulations.
Communicates Percent Capacity to the RED ONE:
The XP-L95RED is the first battery pack that will pass percentage capacity on to the RED ONE camera.
Uses RED Charger:
Not only can the battery be charged directly on the RED charger, it will charge on any V Style, Lithium-Ion charger.
Lasts Over an Hour:
Under a typical shooting configuration (including LCD and EVF), the XP-L95RED will run up to 1.25 hours.
2nd Generation Dura-Case Housing:
The battery's new housing introduces a slightly more beveled and pronounced front and more distinctive black/red labeling. Even more important is the decrease in weight: a new ABS compound has been used for the battery's rubber-like coating that's as durable as before, but 4/10 of a pound lighter.
Integrated Side Powertap:
If, in addition to the camera, you need to power a monitor or other accessory--or simply require an additional power output--the XP-L95RED's side powertap is an invaluable asset. With an unregulated voltage ranging from 11V - 17V, it can power any 12VDC device.

Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
Output Voltage: 14.4V DC, 6.6Ah
Connection: Sony V-Mount
Capacity: 95Wh
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 3.8 x 5.87 x 2" (9.7 x 14.9 x 5.1 cm)
Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.82kg)

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