Balances Daylight Film with Fluorescents

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A Tiffen 52mm FL-D Filter is used when you wish to correct for the greenish tone that appears when shooting daylight film under general purpose fluorescent lighting.

NOTE: The FL series of filters alone does not always guarantee 100% correct colour balance when shooting under fluorescent lighting. They are general purpose filters intended for moderate correction and will not, by themselves, necessarily provide perfect colour rendition.

An FL-W filter is used to balance daylight film under warm white or white type fluorescent lamps. An FL-B filter is used to correct the colour balance when shooting tungsten film under fluorescent lighting.

Fluorescent lamps burn at many different temperatures and often require more demanding filtration for exact results. For specific filtration and professional use, it is strongly recommended that a colour temperature metre be employed along with Colour Correction filters (i.e.CC30M) when shooting under fluorescent lighting. This is the only proven way to achieve exact colour correction.

Key Features

  • Pleasing skin tones under fluorescent lighting without flash
  • True-to-life colour rendition
  • Essential in any environment where ambient light source is fluorescent


TypeFluorescent filter
Filter FactorNot Specified by Manufacturer
Multi-CoatedNot Applicable
RotatingNot Applicable
EffectModerate colour correction under fluorescent light when shooting with daylight film
ApplicationUsed to correct the colour balance when shooting daylight film under fluorescent lighting
Colour TemperatureNot Specified by Manufacturer
ConstructionColorCore Glass
Front Filter Thread Size52mm
Front Lens Cap Size52mm
Tiffen 52mm FL-D Fluorescent Glass Filter for Daylight Film
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