Next generation variable ND filter from 2 to 8 stops

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This adjustable neutral density filter offers 2 to 8 stops of added density. Density changes when the filter is rotated (similar mechanism to a CPL filter).

To avoid vignetting, we use 1 stop larger front glass.
e.g. a 77mm Fader ND, equips with a 77mm back thread (attach to camera lens), and a 82mm front glass/ filter thread.

Fader ND is also available in:
52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm and 86mm.

The Fader ND mark II offers the best image performance with lens with focal length 200mm below. Image quality may drop when focal length is above 200mm.

Fader ND filter is genuinely designed and manufactured by Light Craft Workshop™.

Light Craft Workshop Fader ND MK II Filter 72mm
Lightcraft Workshop
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