Product Features
  • Bounce Card/Flag
  • Fits Most Portable Flashes
  • Attaches Quickly and Easily
  • Lightweight and Portable

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The Vello Light Shapers for Portable Flash is a two-sided bounce card, matte black on one side and reflective white on the other. The white side can be used as a bounce card, to bounce and scatter the light output of the flash. The black side can be used as a flag to keep light from flaring into your lens when using a flash as a background or hair light. Touch-tab fasteners are included for attaching it to your on-camera flash. Two Light Shapers can also act as a set of barndoors.

Key Features

  • Fits nearly any portable flash
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Attaches quickly and easily
Dimensions8.89 x 14.98 cm
Vello Light Shapers for Portable Flash
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