Shortens recycling time and increases flash capacity.
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Compatible with the SB-900 only the Nikon SD-9 Battery Pack is used to greatly increase the number of flash firings of the SB-900 Speedlight, and also shortens the recycling time. It has a total capacity to hold 8 AA batteries, but can also be used with just 4 batteries. It can be used with any type AA battery, but provides the fastest recycling time when used with 4 quality AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

Total minimum flash recycling time can be as fast as 1.0 seconds when used with AA Ni-MH batteries, and the capacity per round of batteries is about doubled. Batteries must be in place in the flash in order to operate.

Battery Performance:

  • Batteries Type

Min. number of flashes/recycling time

  • AA-type Alkaline-manganese x 4

280/1.8 - 30 sec.

  • AA-type Lithium x 4

500/2.4 - 120 sec.

  • AA-type OxyrideTM x 4

280/1.4 - 30 sec.

  • AA-type Ni-MH (eneloop) x 4

350/1.1 - 30 sec.

  • AA-type Alkaline-manganese x 8

450/1.1 - 30 sec.

  • AA-type Lithium x 8

840/1.4 - 120 sec.

  • AA-type Oxyride x 8

440/1.0 - 30 sec.

  • AA-type Ni-MH (eneloop) x 8

520/1.0 - 30 sec.

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Nikon SD-9 High Performance Battery Pack
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