Adapts Nikon F, G/DX Type Lens Mount, Works with PMW-F3/F5/F55

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The Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter Nikon F, G/DX to Sony FZ Mount allows you to use available lenses that feature a Nikon F or G/DX mount to fit on a camera body with a Sony FZ mount, such as the Sony PMW F3, F5, and F55. The adapter is for use with manual iris and focus lenses, as there is no electronic communication through the adapter, so you will have to manually control focus and iris. With available Nikon F lenses you set the iris on the lens, however when using G/DX lenses, you can directly control the lens iris from the adapter.

The adapter allows TTL (Through-The-Lens) metering, and when using a lens with the adapter, the camera body should be set to either manual exposure or aperture priority mode. This is a lens mount adapter designed to attach to the lens itself; it is not meant to permanently adapt the mount of the camera. The adapter mounts to the lens and is removable, so you can use one adapter on many different lenses. The adapter is precision made from brass with a stainless steel finish for a solid fit that ensures the correct flange focal distance is maintained, so your lens can reach infinity focus.

Key Features

  • For use with manual focus and iris lenses, there is no electronic communication from the lens to the camera when using this adapter. The adapter interfaces with your G/DX lens and provides you with manual iris control of your lens.
  • Brass construction protects lens mount, stainless steel finish makes the adapter corrosion and wear resistant.
  • Infinity remains unchanged, so the lens does not need to be re-collimated or shimmed.


Adapter TypeNikon F & G/DX to Sony FZ mount
FocusInfinity is maintained
Electronic IrisNo
MaterialBrass with stainless steel finish
FotodioX Pro Lens Mount Adapter Nikon F, G/DX to Sony FZ Mount
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