Product Features
  • Adapts Nikon G Lenses to Fujifilm X-Mount Camera Lens Mount
  • Made of Brass, Precision-Machined and Plated with Chromium
  • Satin Surface Finish
  • Precise Fit and Solid Connection
  • Designed to Reach Infinity Focus

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The matte black Nikon G Lens to Fujifilm X-Mount Camera Lens Mount Adapter from Metabones allows you to attach a Nikon F-mount G lens to a Fujifilm X-Mount camera. Metabones' adapters are precision-machined with brass and plated with chromium on both sides of the adapter. It is also designed to allow lenses to reach infinity focus while maintaining the correct registration distance required to support CRC lenses or lenses with floating elements.

This adapter features a clickless 7-stop aperture ring with half-stop markings and a detachable tripod foot compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, and Photo cam ball head tripods. Additionally, its matte black finish minimises internal reflections so as to maintain image quality.

Note: Automatic lens functions, like autofocus, will not be retained when using this adapter.

Camera MountFujifilm X
Lens MountNikon F
Metabones Nikon G Lens to Fujifilm X-Mount Camera Lens Mount Adapter (Matte Black)
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