Adapts MFT Camera to PL Mount, Removable Support Foot

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If you want to use your existing PL mount lenses on a camera with a Micro Four Thirds mount, you need an adapter. The Metabones MBPL-M43-BM1 PL to Micro Four Thirds Adapter mounts to you camera's lens port and allows you to use PL mount lenses with your camera. Although this is not a permanent conversion, the adapter features a removable support foot to take the strain off of your camera's mount.

The adapter features Chromium-plated brass front and rear contact surfaces for corrosion resistance and to retain the adapter's tight tolerances over time maintaining the correct flange focal distance. This is a mechanical adapter that does not pass any electronic lens control or metadata.

Key Features

  • The support foot is detachable from the mount by removing two hex key screws. The foot itself is Arca Swiss compatible and incorporates a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole for optional supports.
  • Maintains correct flange depth between lens and image plane.
  • Infinity remains unchanged, so the lens does not need to be re-collimated or shimmed.
  • Brass construction protects lens mount, a chromium satin finish makes the adapter corrosion and wear resistant.


  • Compatible with cameras that feature a Micro Four Thirds mount.


Adapter Type
PL mount lenses to Micro Four Thirds mount cameras
Infinity is maintained
Electronic Iris
Brass with satin chromium finish
Tripod Fitting
Arca Swiss compatible support foot with 1/4"-20 female mounting hole
Metabones PL to Micro Four Thirds Adapter
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