Canon Telephoto Lens for compelling nature and sports photography.

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The 400mm f/4.0 DO IS USM is Canon's breakthrough in multi-layer diffractive optical lens technology. This sheds new ground for sports, nature and wildlife photographers, giving exemplary results in a size previously unheard of for a lens of such a focal length and aperture. Simply put, the size and ease of handling must be seen to be understood.

  • Flourite & UD elements eliminate secondary spectrum chromatic aberration
  • High-diffraction optics provide class-leading low size and weight
  • AF Stop function shuts off autofocus when an obstruction appears
  • Dust & moisture resistance made exceptional by magnesium alloy lens barrel and new rear gasket at lens mount
  • Two-stage image stabilization; dual-axis camera shake correction or vertical axis only(for panning)
  • 3-stage focus limiter
  • Focus preset function allows for returning to a specifically set focus by turning a ring in front of the focus ring
  • Full-time manual focus override

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Canon EF 400mm f4 DO IS USM Lens
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Prime Lenses
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Super Telephoto