UDMA 6 enabled 450X Pro Memory Card - DDCFPRO3-32GB

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Delkin CompactFlash PRO UDMA Card
Tired of missing the perfect shot with your professional DSLR because of irritating multiple shot lag? The quick solution is to find a memory card quick enough to keep up with your advanced digital camera, as well as the photographer behind it. Delkin Devices 32GB CompactFlash UDMA enabled 450X Pro boasts expert speed and performance for the most demanding situations The CompactFlash Pro 305X memory cards have been specifically optimized for digital SLR photography, HD video and data transfer. Wear leveling and ruggedized to ensure superior performance, the product has been tested to perform with the same superior quality under the most extreme environmental conditions anywhere between 32F and 158F. A built-in Error Correction Code scheme has the ability to detect errors down to a single bit. With proficient read and write speeds up to 45 MB/s, this digital camera card is ideal for serious, specialized photographers and videographers.


  • UDMA 6 enabled for increased transfer speeds up to 45MB/s
  • Optimized for digital SLR photography, HD video and data transfer
  • Sophisticated wear leveling and error correction
  • Extreme temperature rated: 32F to 158F (0C to 70C)
  • Lifetime warranty

Capacity: 32GB
Read speed: 66 MB/s
Write speed: 36 MB/s
Dimensions: 1.43" x 1.68" x 0.13" (36.4mm x 42.8mm x 3.3mm)
Meets CFA Specification Type I Card
Low power consumption for longer battery life

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Delkin CompactFlash PRO Card 32GB
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