8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, 2032mm, f/10, "GO-TO" Capacity

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The Celestron CGEM-800 telescope kit is a fully-loaded scope with automatic "GO-TO" observing as well as immediate professional imaging capacity.  Use it simply to observe, and its NexStar controller makes viewing a breeze, even for a beginner.  Its robust CGEM equatorial mount will give a supreme base for imagery, free from annoying jitters which rob even the best of optics, and it also learns over time to correct for the periodic tracking errors inherent in every telescope mount.  The combination of aperture, automation, and price is impressive for anyone with a dual interest in viewing and astrophotography.

The telescope optical tube assembly itself has Celestron's StarBright XLT optics standard, an advancement in multicoatings which allows brightness advantages nearly equivalent to a step-up in aperture.  Celestron's 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain design is well-respected throughout the astronomy community as a respectable entry giving solid results, and can be used to access planets, galaxies, and several inthralling deep space objects.

The CGEM equatorial mount is an evolved step in their equatorial designs, and as an equatorial mount it is designed for those with an interest in imaging.  Its streamlined controls operate intuitively, with the rigidity needed for serious astrophotography results even in a larger scope.

Everything you will need to begin observing immediately is included in this package.  As delivered, the scope operates upon a vehicle's cigarette lighter port-but it can also be powered with the optional AC adapter or the Celestron Power Tank.

Key Features

  • Multicoated StarBright XLT optics in powerful 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain design
  • Heavy-duty German equatorial CGEM mount well-suited to astrophotography
  • NexStar computerised hand controller gives automatic locating to an enormous object database
  • Remote slewing at up to 5° per second
  • Supremely-easy photo adaptation with complete collection of dedicated accessories
  • NexStar's RS-232 serial port, linked to a personal computer's 4-pin telephone jack via optional #93920 cable, allows remote scope control ( USB ports will require #18775 convertor cable )
  • Optional GPS accessory kit allows extremely fine alignments
  • Mount has altazimuth mode for land-based viewing ( 45° erect image diagonal recommended )


Optical Design
Optical Lens Diameter
8.0" ( 203mm)
Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Maximum Useful Magnification
Resolving Power
Optical Tube Dimensions
9.2 x 17.0" ( 23.4 x 43.2cm) WxL
Mount Type
Motorised equatorial
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter
6x30 Straight
Full-size steel with 2" diameter legs
GO-TO Capability
PC Compatible
Yes ( requires RS-232 cable)
Power Source
Automobile cigarette lighter
88.0 lbs ( 39.95kg )
Celestron CGEM-800 Computerized Telescope 8" Catadioptric Telescope Kit
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