Panoramic head for SLR and medium format cameras- supporting up to 5kg

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The Manfrotto 303PLUS QTVR Geared Panoramic Head Kit is the same as the 303 kit, but incorporates precise geared movement of the two sliding plates used to locate the camera over the panoramic axis of rotation, adding greater accuracy to nodal point positioning. The plates are also longer than those of the 303 head, which helps to make this head suitable for use with larger traditional or digital SLR cameras equipped with standard or wide angle lenses, or for medium format cameras.

The 303PLUS pan head permits the photographer to take sequential constant-angle shots around a single axis with his or her camera either in portrait or landscape position, and with the nodal point of the camera/lens in line with the center of rotation to ensure that parallax effects do not cause problems during image stitching.

Designed for Quick Time Virtual Reality technology (which allows virtual scenes to be created by computer from panoramic digital or digitized images that are simply stitched together), the QTVR kit incorporates two sliding plates to position the camera on the panoramic axis of rotation. The sliding plates provide forward, back and side adjustment for precise positioning. The system is suitable for most 35mm SLR, medium format still and digital still cameras using wide angle or standard lenses.

The kit is based around the 300N panoramic head which allows the operator to set 10 different angles of rotation spanning 360 degrees rotation using the engraved, graduated scale markings for reference. The kit features double 7.1" (180mm) long sliding plates, with 4.7" (120mm) of adjustment for precise nodal point positioning.

Product Highlights

  • Tripod mount thread size 3/8"-16
  • Height 31cm
  • Weight 1.6kg
Manfrotto 303PLUS - Panoramic precision Head
RM Product #:
Head Type:
Panoramic Head
Load Capacity:
5.0 kg