Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/85 ZF.2 for Nikon f-mount

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The narrow depth of field of the Zeiss Planar T* 85mm f1.4 is a great medium telephoto lens that gives your subject the true “film look” by keeping the subject sharp while blurring the background. This is the most common lens used for ‘talking head’ cinematography. At wide aperture this lens permits visual silhouetting of the subject via the targeted use of background blurring. The special optical design and a diaphragm with nine blades and an almost circular geometry ensure excellent “bokeh” (aesthetic rendition of image areas out of the focus plane).

Distortion is practically non-existent. The lens is almost distortion-free, making it ideal for high-quality, analog and digital documentation photos.

Its precise mechanism enables exact manual focusing and mechanical aperture settings. The excellent color rendition and brilliance set the highest standards and simultaneously provide ideal conditions for ambitious cinematography.

Zeiss ZF lenses are known for their outstanding image quality and very precise, long-lasting mechanical parts. All Zeiss lenses are housed in a rugged metal enclosure, and sport smooth, solid manual adjustment rings for both the focus and aperture. The particularly large rotary angle of the focusing ring enables particularly precise focusing and an excellent match with the Redrock microLensGears. With the SLR lenses, Carl Zeiss provides fans of SLR photography with lenses featuring outstanding imaging performance and high durability with which the performance of their camera system can be fully utilized. Zeiss ZF lenses are an excellent match with the Redrock M2 cinema lens adapter, the microFollowFocus, and microLensGears.

Technical Specifications

  • Focal length 84.8 mm
  • Aperture range f/1,4 – f/16 (1/2 steps)
  • Focusing range 1 m – infinity
  • Number of elements/groups 6/5
  • Angular field, diag./horiz. 28.6°/24°
  • Coverage at close range 24 x 36 cm
  • Filter thread M 72 x 0.75
  • Dimensions ø 77 mm, length 62 mm
RedRock Micro Zeiss 85mm Lens and microLensGear
Redrock Micro
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